By bad blood, no shit - 03/12/2011 01:35 - United States

Today, my husband and I went to my overbearing mom's 57th birthday party. He opened his gift in front of her and said smugly, "The makeup's for your face, and the prayer book's for the fat rolls." Any hope of family peace is now lost. FML
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Get him a douche for his birthday, it'll suit him well.


Is the uh, because you're confused as hell? Because if so, I'm with ya pal. Either I need to quit bleaching my hair or this FML should be worded differently.... Maybe both.

In 1's hurry to get first spot he couldn't think of something legitimate to say so he posted the first thing that came to his mind.

I'm always confused :P

30- I'm a girl, and stop trying to act intelligent (:

Yeah, I agree. I have no clue what this chick was even attempting to say.

^ WOWWW! This is why kids shouldn't be allowed to use FML, right? He got her makeup for her ugly face and a prayer book because otherwise she wouldn't have a prayer of losing weight. WTFH is WRONG with you people???

Shrike, what about teenage commenters who actually intelligent and make sense??

THE_A_TEEN: Then flying spaghetti monster bless your souls, but seems like on this site / app people with a brain are one tiny minority, no? Especially the kids.

59- "who actually intelligent"....plz try harder

63- Unfortunately not only is this true on FML, it's also true on Facebook, YouTube, the Internet in general, the media, Washington, Wall Street, My mother's house, the southeast region of Europe, every major city everywhere, every minor city everywhere, and every rural town/village/colony/island everywhere. What a world we live in huh?

someone needs to go back to school in order to relearn some english! it seemed like it would of been an epic post if only OP wasn't so drunk or stupid?

Alicat, it looks like YOU need to go back to school and learn English. it's not "would of", it's "would've"

Husbands are like children-control them or brave the consequences.

Some of you guys are ridiculous. The FML is poorly worded and that can confuse people. The fact that you attack their character because of that states more about you than it does about them... I see just as many immature/unintelligent adults as I see teenagers, so that's quite a blanket statement you are making there. Get off your high horse please and thanks.

44- the FML used to say "boyfriend" instead of "husband" now if you plug that in you would see why some of us were confused. No need to be rude.

I posted that when it still SAID boyfriend. The boyfriend/husband thing is irrelevant. Anyone with more than two brain cells should be able to figure it out. Besides, they were confused about the insult, not the mother-in-law part. I'm just saying, if you don't get it, shut it and don't comment announcing that you're as illiterate as the OP.

Would you sadcunts shut the fuck up and just enjoy the FML already? Nobody cares about the shit you're saying.

-59 I LOVE YOUR BACKGROUND PHOTO!!! where did you get it?

Perhaps people are confused because OP said HE opened the gift which was supposed to be for her?

Love you for the pastafarian reference but they're right it could be worded differently. It says its her mothers birthday but its worded as if the husbands opening a present. So ya it confusing

Get him a douche for his birthday, it'll suit him well.

I'm sorry it was her birthday, he got a gift, and then Insulted her. Am I missing something

I think the gift was already opened, and he explained I his gf what the gifts were for

By this I mean that the fml implies he opened a gift to him on her birthday. This makes no sense.

16- no he explained to the future mother in law I got that much

Don't most people unwrap their own presents on their birthday...?

Lmao... I was thinking the same thing. Either OP has bad use of language or his family is weird.

Jesus Christ people.. The fml isn't that hard to understand. He obviously opened his gift to her mother for her. He was probably doing it to be a jerk.

Well, it's gonna be pretty difficult clearing up tensions now. At least she'll look pretty though now, right?

Okay, I'm confused

It's cuz your a ginger

You're on the right track, check your first comment again for a chance at redemption.

yo 23, you're* an asshole!

Yo #84 Obviously it was a joke. Don't be such a serious bitch.

And I already corrected myself. My, you are slow!

TorturedXeno 27

Next scene of the movie, the girl and her boyfriend are arguing in their apartment about his poor handling of the situation...

That sounds like the worst romantic comedy movie ever... Of all time. Cast Katherine Heigl

This FML doesn't make any sense...

Husband and MIL don't get along. They went to her birthday party. He gave her a present which must have contained makeup and a prayer book. He explained on front of everyone that the makeup was for her [ugly] face and that the prayer book was for her to use to lose weight (presumably because she's fat).

Find the family peace!

So he hates your mother I have never heard this before in my life.

Aaannnddd let the fighting begin!!