By BlueBaby123 - United States
Today, my husband and I got a new stainless steel microwave. When we took it out of the package we noticed it was blue and got angry. We were about to return it, but we called in our 12 year old daughter to see what she thought of the microwave. She then took off the blue protective plastic. FML
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  StraightUp  |  1

As soon as I read "we noticed it was blue" I knew they were morons and didn't know it was the protective cover, and of corse that's exactly what happened and their 12 yr old was able to figure it out in no time. How stupid are people these days? Usually the blue cover is already peeling off and you can tell its a plastic over it!

  il0velamp  |  0

You people are so lame. if the fml is one which represents a shitty life, you claim fake. when one rolls around that represents everyday shitty things, you claim their life isn't bad. The fact that their daughter out smarted them, is their fml. I'd be pretty pissed too.

By  skullbuster  |  0

This is really sad. That protective blue cover is so obviously a plastic wrapping, it comes on most stainless steel appliances now. I could try to be clever here, but honestly, I feel sorry for you. Not sorry of the "let's have a telethon" variety, but the form of pity that comes from knowing that you are probably just barely able to tie your own shoes....

  fed_life  |  0

sorry Richie, we dont all get our white goods in stainless steal like u.. gee try and act smart. bahh u guys annoy me wit ur common sense... its a great FML, when a ya kid outsmarts u.. by i think its more GMLG for having a brainy 12 yr old :D