By thehumanshield - United States
Today, my house was raided for drugs. I had to find out my father is a drug dealer. The cops then told me this wasn't their first time here, but it was the first time I was home to see it. They said it was nice to finally meet me. FML
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By  genesisnirvana  |  11

This is how the Should have gone.
1st cop: He's your old man?
1st cop:Hey Frankie, over here!Come meet his kid!
2nd cop:Hey kid how you doing, we've been dying to meet you.Been here about 5 times never met you.
*pats OP on back*
1st cop:See you soon kid.We'll be back.

  andres19  |  0

I would have a talk with your father. I'd first mention that if you are going to be a dealer than one must at least know how to keep from getting raided. Secondly, I would demand a reason for why your father never told you and therefore caused you to go out and buy from shady dealers.

  LaughinStock  |  16

Lol my house got raided twice my stuff was everywhere. They had my airsoft guns lined up on my desk making it seem like they were real. My door was busted in and my whole house was just blah. :( l feel for you op it's pretty fucking crazy

  YessyxD  |  8

47 - You're more like The Dumbass!!!! The most wanted guy is Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Now if you're talking about ATF it's actually Daniel Perez.

  cldean24  |  4

I doubt daddy was slinging a little pot.

By  KaintukeeBob  |  13

The worst part is, you've had to buy them through middlemen, at twice the price! Really, your father should be ashamed.

Also, these must be very polite 'raids' if the searches were so unobtrusive that you never noticed their aftermath, and they never found enough to put your dad away.