By thehumanshield - 05/08/2011 08:41 - United States

Today, my house was raided for drugs. I had to find out my father is a drug dealer. The cops then told me this wasn't their first time here, but it was the first time I was home to see it. They said it was nice to finally meet me. FML
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MasterShake1100 0

Imagine how that conversation would go. "oh hey we're just searching your house for drugs. Oh your his daughter? Oh it's nice to meet you! Yeah we come her often." FYL

This is how the Should have gone. 1st cop: He's your old man? OP:Yes... 1st cop:Hey Frankie, over here!Come meet his kid! 2nd cop:Hey kid how you doing, we've been dying to meet you.Been here about 5 times never met you. *pats OP on back* 1st cop:See you soon kid.We'll be back.


Maybe you should follow in the family business.

garrettsgirl 0

That funny on every single level haha srry OP

MizzErikaHart 8

I agree. Its like awesome, epic, and a lil sad all at once.

FYL!! and ur dad didnt share any of the drugs with you? shame on him! what a terrible father you have!!

Or maybe he shouldn't follow in the family business, since his dad doesn't seem to be very good if he keeps getting raided ..

OP's dad is a California mob boss

andres19 0

I would have a talk with your father. I'd first mention that if you are going to be a dealer than one must at least know how to keep from getting raided. Secondly, I would demand a reason for why your father never told you and therefore caused you to go out and buy from shady dealers.

lydia_is_gayyy 1

Drug dealers aren't as cool as nuke dealers, like me. I'm on America's Most Wanted. I was right behind Osama Bin Laden. Now I'm first. So I think I'm the badass.

Lol my house got raided twice my stuff was everywhere. They had my airsoft guns lined up on my desk making it seem like they were real. My door was busted in and my whole house was just blah. :( l feel for you op it's pretty fucking crazy

47 - You're more like The Dumbass!!!! The most wanted guy is Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Now if you're talking about ATF it's actually Daniel Perez.

And he didn't share with you? What kind of a father is that??? No I'm jk, fyl I'm sorry .

"aww, they seem like nice people."

cldean24 4

I doubt daddy was slinging a little pot.

enonymous 8

If they are there so much can you ask them where the remote is... I cannot find that thing anywhere...

Awe at least the cops were sweet about it trust OP I know how you feel

This could be an episode on Breaking Bad lol

He keeps getting raided but apparently he hasn't been to jail yet. So I'd say he's doing pretty well for himself.

MasterShake1100 0

Imagine how that conversation would go. "oh hey we're just searching your house for drugs. Oh your his daughter? Oh it's nice to meet you! Yeah we come her often." FYL

How do you know it's a girl?

MasterShake1100 0

I can dream can I? Lol

SirObvious 1

Let your hats fly as high as your dreams master shake!

jaderosaley 0

I thought it was a girl too

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

Uhh... Nice to meet you too officer...

That does suck, but you never wondered where that money came from?

I am thinking the dad would have invented a cover story

Most people assume that their parents have normal jobs and that they're not drug dealers. Maybe that's where s/he thought the money came from.

brokenangelexy 13

I agree with Cathy he isn't very good at it if he gets his house raided regularly

jarico75 1

He must be good if they don't find enough evidence to arrest. I would think OP would have notice if dad had been jailed a few times.

"Daddy's on a business trip... for the next few years... well, you know how the corporate world is sweetie..."

i agree with 43.

AlwaySunny 0

thanks for the input 89

Do they come by often? They could come over for dinner

otb113 7

And for desert: special brownies.

slimjimboy 0

I wasn't hungry when I came home but now I ate this brownie I am starving.

I sincerely hope you used your manners, and made the nice cops some java. u_u

Thats fucked up

The worst part is, you've had to buy them through middlemen, at twice the price! Really, your father should be ashamed. Also, these must be very polite 'raids' if the searches were so unobtrusive that you never noticed their aftermath, and they never found enough to put your dad away.

haha the dads doin somethin right:p

minktheshrink 0

Or the house is such a mess that one would be unable to tell there ever was a raid

and 34, your doing something wrong. that an flex picture

bigfoot89 4

maybe it's because OP is full of shit and there was no raid. as if the cops would say that

ukrage 1

duuude hit the gym and tan before u post that shit lol

wth? you've never noticed that?

Wow.... At least they think better of you than your dad.

ThisGi 0

To them it's like a regular thing to go to your house

And who says that the cops ain't polite?