By Angry and Confused - United States - Reno
Today, my house was broken into. The burglar didn't steal my brand new laptop, iPad or TV. They instead made off with every single item of clothing I own. When I went to turn on my TV to try and distract myself from this, I found all of the cables in back missing. The police don't believe me. FML
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  SmilieAKD  |  20

I agree, how can they not believe you? If I was a cop I would have believed you. My first question would have been if you had broken up with someone recently or had a really bad fight with one of your friends. This sounds like it was done by someone who knows you. They didn't want valuables they wanted to hurt you OP. Call the cops back and demand they come back.

If you don't want to get the cops involved again you might be able to deal with this personally if you can figure out who did this to you, because I really think this was done by somebody close to you.

  TheAwkHawk  |  14

#83 technically police officers are supposed to uphold the peace. And... As far as we have been told, this robbery wasn't violent, or not-peaceful. If you don't understand this, GO AWAY. I rest my case...

  ashleighlaine  |  21

pretty sure they're still supposed to do something if a house is broken into and items are stolen. file some sort of report at least. just because it was "peaceful" doesn't mean it was legal.

  jisaac09  |  25

Police are suppose to serve and protect the community as a whole but not you personally.

The supreme court ruled this. They are not required to help YOU.

  SuperDanielNL  |  23

#90 But since OP is part of the comunity, they'd have to help him, since this is theft and unlawfull breaking and entering/trespassing on private property. But that's just my 2 cents.

  TogeBara  |  12

The police are required to look into this or at the very least, allow OP to file a police report. They can't prove that you are lying and the best thing to do is file a complaint against the officers or dispatcher that said you were lying. IF you were lying, they are obligated to cite you for filing a false report, or at least warn you. Seeing as they didn't do that, they have no proof that you are lying.
Any person is due the right to police aid if it is requested. The crime is not the issue here at this point. OP could easily go buy new clothing and cables in one day and be done with this or even better, call his hous insurance and file a report with them to get reimbursed for the amount. As long as a police report was filed, they have to treat this as a home theft and at least allow you some form of compensation. (if you have home owner's insurance that is). The point now, is that an officer is refusing aid to someone that is asking for it.

If someone is saying that a member of the community is not the community at whole they are an idiot. Saying that it requires an entire community to get the attention of the police is absolutely ignorant. That would mean that there would need to be more than one person call in any crime ever.

If someone is saying that they are only there to keep the peace they are also an idiot. Police are here to keep the peace, yes, HOWEVER, at what point did theft become ok? Theft is not peaceful, it is a disturbance of peace.

I hate cops that don't do their job. This stems from a personal issue, yes, but I have lived around law enforcement for as long as I can remember. Most of my friends are cops and most of my father's friends are cops. As I grew up cops were always near. I know when an officer is being lazy and not upholding the law, and it pisses me off. Police are required to aid you in, at the very least, filing a police report. This should be treated as a petty theft charge. (Dependent upon the sum of the amount stolen)

Don't let the police get off with anything. They are leaders in society and should show people how to act professionally and ethically. If they are not doing their job, report them. I've had some bad shit happen because police were lazy and it is costing me a lot. Don't let this happen to you. The most they could do here is file a report anyway though. You should still report them for their actions.

Sorry I ranted and sorry I made this reply to #1, but I wanted this to be near the top so people would see it when they view this.

  bjc216  |  6

85-They are also supposed to uphold the law. Breaking into someone's house is illegal. Therefore, police officers are supposed to do something

  TogeBara  |  12

I spoke the truth and for OP this is a serious matter. Not only was the clothing (which could cost a small fortune depending) stolen, but OP's safe haven, OP's home was broken into. This can have negative issues on one's psyche.
Any crime should be treated as any other crime and dealt with appropriately.
My issue is with cops that don't do their jobs and crimes that aren't followed up on.

You wouldn't pay people to sit on their dead ass at any other place, why would you pay taxes and not expect the best aid you can get from a cop if you need one?
My point stands and I am in the right. Crime is serious and should be dealt with accordingly.