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Today, my house caught on fire. The firefighters said that it was caused by a lit cigarette on the carpet. I don't smoke, but apparently my 13 year-old son does. FML
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And so does your house

I'm a habitual smoker myself. Something about sucking long and hard on phallic objects really steams my clam, you know what I mean? Is that just me?


I'm a habitual smoker myself. Something about sucking long and hard on phallic objects really steams my clam, you know what I mean? Is that just me?

No one cares.. How don't you know about your son smoking?? That's a parental fail... I'm sorry your house burned down though... This one should get a ydi and fyl...

No. Just no. -.-

I bet cigarettes aren't the only things you suck.

Yes, it's just you. Now go play in traffic.

what's with people's obsession with sucking objects? we should be advising Op on what to do. OP, I say you beat the kid like a drum. After all you know what they say about sparing the rod.

cigarettes aren't really that phallic

guy above me probably blows 50 dicks a day

As I say(and it references my addiction to The Hunger Games) Foxface can has fail. Foxface=OP's son.

17, you dont say

O,O me gusta ,__,

This is just me... But I'd kick my sons ass and have him work off the costs for repairs... Then I'd ground his sorry ass till the day he leaves my house.

I knew I wasn't the only one thinkin that ;)

Whoa, the same thing happened to someone down the street, :o

You know since the time we were all babies we needed to suck on a beenky, it seems to calm us down. So it seems kind of natural for everyone to wanna suck on something or have something in our mouths. BTW is beenky spelled right? I have never had to spell it before.

I like how cad6 got 69 likes

Umm not probably not the only thing u suck on... :O

*binky I believe is the right spelling #184

That just sounded so wrong

What the hell is a beenky? o.O

227- did you only read like 4 words from his comment or something?

1-Yeee buddy marb smooths ;p

Yup it's binky. Then there's the ever popular banky for blanket although you typically don't suck on that. My niece calls her binky a pucky though and I actually like that better.

Nice parenting.

I wouldn't necessarily blame it on the parents. I mean, they didn't even know he was smoking until now. They probably told him before not to smoke, but kids these days can fall pretty hard under peer pressure.

He needs to kick his sons ass.

9- a responsible parent should make it a point to know these things about their child

50, a crafty kid will successfully keep this kind of thing from a parents knowledge. If someone keeps a secret from you, can you be blamed for not knowing?

Nice parenting? What the hell do you know? The best a parent can do is teach the child as best they can. It is then up to the child to make the right decision. Parents can't be around their children all the time, and at some point you need to let the kids make their mistakes, as difficult as that may be. Sometimes the mistakes are bad, like in this case. That's when you punish the hell out of him and hope he's learned something.

50- do your parents know every bad thing you've done? I'm guessing no. The most a parent can do is give a child the tools and guidance they need, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the child will use those tools or follow advice the way they should.

I imagined ur comment in the baby from ur profile pictures voice

You guys are so mean!! Like I'm a good kid for the most part and my parents are great parents but like they don't know everything about me like I go to parties all time and they didn't even know that I'm not a virgin. That doesn't make them bad

all kids make bad choices every once in aw

*awhile, its a part of growing up. it does not

holy crap I give up.

p.s. #90 a parent not knowing that their thirteen year old kid sneaks cigarettes while they are at the grocery store is NOT the same thing as parents not knowing their thirteen year old is going to parties and having sex.

You'd think a non smoker would at least smell the cigarette smoke. It was in the house! And the boy would smell of it as well. Kids are sometimes clever at hiding things like this but it's a hard smell to cover up.

If he smoked out the window you probably couldn't smell it in the house and there are ways to cover it up on yourself. My boss smokes during the work day and you NEVER smell it on her. If you know what you're doing you can hide it.

You can absolutely hide it. I (stupidly) smoked in Hugh school and my parents never knew until my dad found my pack in my car. Ironically enough I'd quit smoking a few weeks before and forgotten the pack was even there.

Who said that the child sneaks them in at the grocery store? I'm a senior in highschool, and almost every other time I've stopped by the gas station across the street to get a snack before clubs afterschool, there's been a middle schooler outside of the gas station asking me to buy them cigarettes. I always say no, but I know people who have said yes.

Oh, and when did I ever mention sneaking out to parties and having sex? Please don't put words in my mouth. Disagreeing with things I NEVER said won't help you prove your point.

Hey #154 like i said I have great parents they just don't know about what I do for fun and stuff.

i didn't mean he was sneaking them at the grocery store. I meant that he is probably smoking when he is home alone or with his friends. and you didn't say anything about sex or parties, the previous poster, who's profile says she is thirteen, said that her parents have no idea she goes to parties and had sex. I don't think that is the same thing as not knowing your kid is smoking

crap i put the wrong number. I didn't mean your post I was responding to a different post entirely. sorry about that.

234, your boss smokes outside, right? Smoking is generally unacceptable indoors, at least in America. You can smell it if someone smokes inside, febreze be damned. Maybe mom's just more naive than her son. And the boy was being a boy but also a reckless ass.

#258 I know that me having sex and this kid smoking isn't the same but what I meant by it is that it's not the parents fault. Also I'm 15 not 13

I'll go ahead and thumb this up... Only for the profile picture tho

My parents both quit smoking when I was born and always made sure I knew the dangers. Didn't mean I didn't smoke at one point in my life. It's easy to cover up if you smoke outside (or out windows) keep a pack of mints/gum with you and wear a jumper over your clothes just while you have the smoke and then spray with a strong antiperspirant to mask the smell. If kids really want to do these things they will always find a way. It may not be the right decision but children need to be able to make their own mistakes so they can learn

And so does your house

Hahahahaha I wish I could favorite your comment

It is now proved beyond doubt that smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.

WTF. Please explain.

Hello Suk Mai Dick. I'm Fook eyu. A pleasure to meet you.

Phat dong at your service

I legitimately know someone named Harry Dong. No joke

My second grade teachers name was Harry Dick.

#34 Omg!! I wana play super beer pong.

Oh well. Not terribly uncommon.

Oh well, OP. Your house burned down. No big deal apparently. Happens all the time.

Wow I can't believe your 13 year old son smokes

preferably with a stick that's quite bendy

It kills me to say this but it's really common these days. To many kids falling under peer pressure.

I know your not accusing the parent, but im just going to say its not the parents fault. kids these days have done drugs, had sex, and have gotten drunk starting at young ages. Im in 8th grade and i can already name a handful of people who i know are crackheads. and i also know a few people who have already tried ecstacy. Its sad but its not surprising thay he smomes.

yeah, it really is sad but true. my bro started to smoke at 13, he was pressured to do it or the kids who picked on him would beat him up. :l I really seriously dont want to live on this fucking planet anymore knowing that shit like this happens everyday.

#77 - I smome all the time. In fact, I bet everyone smomes.

My dad lit up for the first time in grade 3. This really isn't shocking.

I don't smome. In fact, I'm not even sure what smoming means. Smoking on the "second hand", I do all of the time. I wish I didn't have to but too many people smoke anymore, ruining my lungs. I've never tried it, I never will. My parents never smoked, my girlfriend and her family don't smoke... Though it seems like it, I guess it's safe to say that not everybody smokes.

And has nails in it

Sorry I forgot to put #46 Infront of that comment

Most of the people on this page are so judgmental, smoking is a personal choice yet discusting, I do smoke myself I am 17 and my parents let me because it is my choice and if I want to waste my money and destroy my lungs over something silly then that is my own fault. But smoking does not make them a bad person, you could meet the nicest person in the world and they could be a smoker... It DOES NOT mean they are horrible people!

So #279 your telling us it was your choice to start smoking and not because a friend wanted you to? It's sad what the world has come to.

#279 I completely agree. Smoking doesn't make someone a horrible person. I quit smoking but personally I love the smell, I liked the tasted of menthols and it gave me something to do with my hands when I talked to people at parties etc. I also have quite high anxiety and I found that it helped me to steady my breathing before having an attack (obviously not the best way about it but I can't take certain medications and it helped with tests in school)

That shows just about how screwed up our next generation is going to be

How? If you ask parents or grandparents that smoke a lot would say they have been smoking since about that age so it's not a big change from then. Except we are aware of all the risks now.

But considering that a kid was dumb enough to smoke while knowing the effects and leaving it on the carpet to burn shows a lot to me...

Yes, but look at everything that kids are doing today: Young girls wear suggestive clothing, 11 year olds doing heroin... I fear what's going to happen to society.

both my grandpa and my mom smoked before they were teenagers. the next generation is much more aware of the health risk and thirteen-year-old smokers are becoming rarer.

Ever thought who raised them?

True but I'm just saying the young smoking isn't new, the clothing and all is and I agree it is awful what some young teens are doing.

I think that people focus on the negative too much. This is just one kid, you can't see how teens are now just from looking at what some of them do badly. Let's face it, no one is perfect, especially in their teens. My little sister is 14 and she gets straight A's and has good friends, doesn't do drugs or dress slutty and she is very mature. You see what I'm getting at? If all we hear about are the bad things going on we start to ignore the good.

Yes it can, no matter what the world is going down.

When you really think hard about it, society isn't spiralling out of control like you'd expect. Boundaries have changed, and so has exposure to the harsher side of reality, but we aren't in this giant mess people would have you believe. We just have different problems. One of those being that people are getting chronic diseases much earlier - this is actually much scarier than the changes in behaviour themselves. Things like cigarettes have a role in this, but our lifestyles are the major issue.

Haha to be? Dude we're all fucked as it stands now.

Uh, you guys know the rate of teen tobacco smoking has gone DOWN right? One case doesn't mean the end of society or a fucked up generation.

I agree with 52, we've all already fucked ourselves over anyways. Can't get worse than it already is.

They're always coming up with findings. Next thing you know it'll be a risk to lay your head on your pillow.

It's true, life really isn't worse now than it was long ago, as people lead you to think. We have easily available knowledge, amazing technology, and many freedoms which were taken by tyrannical leaders, such as kings and religion. Not to mention the fact that now, life expectancies are through the roof compared to those of the middle ages and below.

Yeah, because nobody from a past generation ever had a sneaky smoke when their old folks weren't watching... Sheesh!

As a member of the said upcoming generation, I'd like to say... Nevermind, yeah, it's pretty bad... (sighs)

So basically what your trying to say is that smoking makes someone a bad person? I smoke but I still work hard for a living, I pay my taxes, I love God and I'm a very family oriented man, so smoking shows nothing about what the future generation will be like, when you hear of an epidemic of 13 year olds dying from heroin overdose that's when you should start worrying

Kids smoking isn't what's destroying society since they've done it forever. The fact is laziness and stupidity are spreading at an alarming rate and it's all about "me, me, me!" Society has always been screwed up to an extent but it's worse than ever now. With the corruption and idiocracy in this country, we'll be lucky to still be here in 75 years. Maybe less.

157 - You haven't heard?! The latest statistics show that laying your head on even the softest of pillows is putting your health in GREAT RISK!! Look everyone is going to die that is a certainty, but if somebody wants to smoke they are going to do it. As long as they're of legal age it's their body. I personally smoke and enjoy it. Then I laugh at all the commercials that get you to quit smoking they are HILARIOUS!

#236 Since when was religion a good quality? It's neutral.

#52 human stupidity knows no bounds.

#241 you are very accurate. That just about sums it up. I am dumbfounded by the way some(or most) people act. It's as if they just are too lazy to THINK about things.

well to be fair, your son has to look cool in front of his friends

That's not right kids should really learn the dangers of smoking and smoking isn't cool it can kill people I dont c "whats soo cool in that."

97 I don't think you got the memo 10 was using sarcasm you should learn it, use it, and love it...

Where did he get the cigarettes from? I'm pretty sure you have to be at least 21 to buy tobacco products.

I'm pretty sure it's 18

You live in NJ and you don't know the legal smoking age? It's a federal law.. You have to be 18 to smoke. There's no excuse to not know. Any time you walk into a gas station, you see the 25-40 signs...

Hardcore Hunger Games lover, skittles photo?

I'm pretty sure that law never stopped me. There is usually at least one store that doesn't enforce it, older friends or even hitting strangers up in the parking lot. I wish the law stopped me. I wish something did. But kids will do stupid things and sometimes smoking is one of them.

110 - The legal smoking age varies from state to state. Like when you sign up for cigarette coupons you must be 21 even though in most states 18 is the legal age. Crazy you say? I'll tell you what's crazy - drinking to much at the bar to where you have to close one eye so you don't see double lanes on your drive home - That's crazy

You realize that not every country has the same laws right.....

You only have to be 18, and maybe he had older friends? It's a lot easier to get cigarettes under age than you'd expect.

I imagine from an older son if he has one, or friend

he caught your house on fire, and he's smoking at 13....someones going to be grounded for a whiiiilllleeeee

More like 'somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.'

if i did that i would be doing a lot of work and basically my dad would make my life hell but i would accept it and face the fact i did it and then help my parents get everything back :3

But grounded where? OP can't send him to his room. :(

they're his parents they'll figure something out :P

You stole my shirt.

I'm sorry :( want it back? I have a lot more to choose from lol