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  The_Disturbed  |  5

@jaywisker - OP is Original Poster. Basically the author of the FML.

And OP...that kinda sucks, but you should have realised that super glue + headphones + ear = stuck. YDI

  trickyd  |  0

Failed. You deserve this for three reasons. One. breaking the headphones. Two. Being to cheap to buy a new pair. Three. For not using your common sense. Remember Ipod out before showering :) peace ou x

  ichtudirweh  |  0

You do know some people are extremely tight on money and can't even afford to buy headphones? It's got nothing to do with being cheap. I was in the same situation a few weeks ago (but I managed to scrape up enough money to buy new ones). I'm not saying what they did wasn't deserved, but think about it.

  fuckmrsoftee  |  0

omg, we're the same age 4/11/94..i just thought that was funny. this is like my second time posting a comment on fml ever, there's never that much to talk about here, and im very passive anyway

  killabee  |  0

Because God forbid you should try to fix something instead of just trashing it and getting a new one, I mean come on this is America! Re-use, pshhaw, that's for sissies.