By Lance - 28/01/2010 20:25 - United States

Today, my headphones were broken, so I fixed them with super glue. Without thinking, I stuck them in my ear and listened to some music. When it came time to take them out, I couldn't. FML
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"without thinking" is right.

haha, that got to hurt to get it off


who gives a shit that ur first? OP Y totally DI...u should have more sense...ur just a dumbass

@1-fail for saying first @OP- fail. that was stupid. but I regress... I did something like that before lol

you care enough to reply to him

Really did happen:

I would say something about the validity of this FML after seeing that article if it weren't against the rules.

Nick got played

shut tha fuck up ur the only 1 who cares if ur 1st OP ur a dumnass couldnt u feel tha glue

quit bitching if they wrote first damn y'all are pathetic and their right your a dumbass for doing that word of advice think next time junior

haha FAIL!!!!!!! U SUCK!!!!

well build in headphone lol kinda cool

im new to this... what is OP?

@jaywisker - OP is Original Poster. Basically the author of the FML. And OP...that kinda sucks, but you should have realised that super glue + headphones + ear = stuck. YDI

agreed... the OP stole the story.. wat a tool

Failed. You deserve this for three reasons. One. breaking the headphones. Two. Being to cheap to buy a new pair. Three. For not using your common sense. Remember Ipod out before showering :) peace ou x

You do know some people are extremely tight on money and can't even afford to buy headphones? It's got nothing to do with being cheap. I was in the same situation a few weeks ago (but I managed to scrape up enough money to buy new ones). I'm not saying what they did wasn't deserved, but think about it.


haha, that got to hurt to get it off

How would this affect his masturbation? He can probably still get off without pain.

It saddens me to think noone knows what sarcasm is...

irony meant to wound or insult. that's a pleasant virtue.

If the OP yanked too hard they could pull their eardrums out

"without thinking" is right.

omg, we're the same age 4/11/94..i just thought that was funny. this is like my second time posting a comment on fml ever, there's never that much to talk about here, and im very passive anyway

oooww that must have been painful

YDI for using your headphones, come on now, what happened to built in speakers?

ummm most iPods have shity built in speakers for music. cmon, what happened to not being a dumbass??

the iPod touch has built in speakers

SO DOES MINE u r a bitch

new nano has built in speakers too.. im still using my 3rd gen nano for like 2-3 years

even tho you're a troll, you still piss me off. how about privacy music/strict parents that don't want to hear a single explicit song?

that's a pretty stupid thing to do. YDI for having no common sense.

ummm... how bout you spend a MASSIVE $5.00 on new headphones idiot!?

i agree, the OP is too cheap to buy 5.00$ headphones

Because God forbid you should try to fix something instead of just trashing it and getting a new one, I mean come on this is America! Re-use, pshhaw, that's for sissies.

Well excuse meee Mr Rich Boy, but some of us prefer to try fixing stuff before we throw them away

It seems one needs to know the original value of the headphones and how bad the break was to blame the person on not buying new ones.

I'm gonna stick like glue, stick because I'm stuck on youuuuuuu! heh, Elvis. ;) thank you, thank you very much!