By PoorGramps - United States
Today, my greatgrandpa came over for dinner. Halfway through the meal, he pooped himself. My family went through the rest of the meal acting like we hadn't noticed to avoid embarassment. As it was coming to an end, my sister came home and immediately yelled, "Ew! Did someone poop?" He cried. FML
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I'm sure if he could get up he wouldn't of shit pooped himself! Thats so sad, and so kind of you and your family. Yeh it sucks he had to sit in his own mess but im sure whoever looks after him just didn't want to cause a scene and embarass him.

  harmony88  |  0

OP said it was their *great* grandfather. Chances are he's very immobile, going senile, or has some other health problem you can't even fathom. If he is in perfect shape, then yeah, he should have the decency not to crap himself in front of others, but I really don't think that's the case here. Don't be an ass.

  nomadxx7  |  0


I seriously hope that within the next few years you have a horrible accident which leaves you mentally diminished (worse so than you seem to be now). That way when you drool on yourself, shit and piss yourself, start talking in "baby" babble that I can come up to you and tell you, "knock it off, you're causing a scene. Stop shitting yourself. You're a disgrace to humankind that you can't control your bowels and you're embarassing me." See if I can make you cry a little. Probably not since you have no soul and really have no respect for the end of life.

Hell the dude is probably close to 100 years old and seen more shit than your little douchebag life has ever seen. He probably can't control his bowels (a common problem with the elderly since things are breaking down inside them). Just glad that people like you exist that have literally one brain cell left in their neanderthal head that thinks that you have complete control over your body that late in life.

Die in a fire you f-ing troll.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

That's so sad D:

Remember, he's still a person! Imagine what it's like, one day being able to run and jump, the next day pooing yourself because you're too weak to keep it in :(

Someone please kill me before im old

  MalcolmX_fml  |  0

wtfwts ur just an idiot. Hes quite cleary a really old guy, he shat himself in the first place, u really think hes going to be able to deal with it.
I think you should keep comments like that to urself.

This story actually made me really sad, props to the old guy and his family. May u live a happy life together.

  lextrack234  |  4

your a very rude and inconsiderate person. how would you feel if you saw your great-grandfather cry. why don't you stfu and keep your ignorant comments to yourself


Guys! C'mon now, rule number 1 of the internets! DONT FEED THE TROLLS. Obviously wtfwts cant understand what its like to have a loved one lose control of their faculties. Leave him to his ignorance. Don't get all bent out of shape. Chances are, with that attitude, when he's that old, he wont have a loving family to take care of him anyway. For the Lulz.

  theteal  |  0

Yea, because it wouldn't be awkward or make you feel bad if you had to sit there and watch your greatgrandfather cry.

I would say FML too if I were in that situation.

  SammyS2012  |  21

Like someone already said, if he's been in this country most of his life, then he probably was in wars. The mandatory draft was still in place in the time of the Vietnam War. And if he's a lot older, he could have fought in World War II.

I feel so sad... This post made me cry :'( at least your family was courteous about it

  StaticDown  |  0

That's what I thought... I know it's embarassing but sooner or later someone would notice and have to clean him since he clearly can't do it himself and so the embarassment will be there... But I guess I might have done the same... Just get one person who anyway takes care of him to clean him afterwards so he doesn't feel like everyone noticed.

  15days2go  |  0

Exactly, what sort of people would just let him sit there, it must have been awful for him. He clearly needed help and one would hope that when you get to that age, you'd have affected some people enough for them to care enough to help you out in an unfortunate situation. The OP's sister coming and saying what she did just pointed out to greatgrandpa that he had been left sitting there stewing in it and that's what made him upset not the 'embarrassment' of it happening in the first place. The OP + family are the embarrassment.

  catatonicsleep  |  17

if that was the case you would still think someone would help straight away rather than let him sit there in it. If a baby does that you don't leave it sitting in shit you take it and clean it up so it is comfortable.

  m3l_fml  |  0

It depends really, my great grandmother had a similar accident. My mother and I got up and immediately told her "Let us clean you up." To which she began to cry and state that she was so sorry for being a nuisance, and ruining our dinner, and that she was tired of always 'bothering' us. Another time she did the same ( I was sitting next to her, and at the time I was the only one who could smell it ). I whispered and told her to say that she needed to use the bathroom and I would assist her. Saved her the 'embarrassment' all though none of us really minded. The OP should have discreetly told the grand father if he wanted to use the bathroom and he would help. But still, I get what the OP & family intended.

  purplesucker  |  0

Uh, no it would not be an FML if the OP was in the sister's shoes. It would be an FML if the OP was in the great grandpa's shoes. I work with people with disabilities, and yes, that does include the elderly. Incontinence does happen to some, and imagine what they have to go through. However hard it is for others to deal with great grandpa's incontinence, it's a lot harder for him, cuz it hurts his dignity. Do you think he chose to have these problems? Guess again.

By  Dingan  |  0

It aint fucking sad anywhere, what's sad is the fact that you and your family chose to ignore it and let him sit in his own fucking feces. The only one that should be embarrassed is your grandpa for you chosing to ignore it, it's a fact of life that many very old people get incontinent.
If you would just have talked about it with him and what to do if it happens it wouldn't have happened in the first place. If that made him cry, how much do you think he's crying when he's all by himself?

  sg93  |  0

Wow you got really worked up over this.. I'd hate to see how you act when something happens that actually has something to do with you, rather than someone you don't even know.