By Anonymous - 28/07/2012 22:15 - United Kingdom - Warwick

Today, my grandpa told my mom that he needs to rewrite his will soon. I jokingly said that I was going to be stinking rich when he passes away. He retorted that he's never forgiven me for rear-ending his car six years ago, and because of this, I'll never see a penny of his money. FML
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You deserve this by assuming you'd inherit anything.


tell him to keep the pennies and just give you notes

People should never joke about someone's health. YDI.

HowAreYouToday 34

Could be worse... OP could have inherited debt...

OP; You honestly think you didn't deserve what he said back to you?

JocelynKaulitz 28

He probably spent your part of the will on the damage you did rear-ending him.

Two things. 1) You made a funny joke. 2) He made a funny joke. Okay 3 things...ydi for posting it as an fml and not having enough of a sense of humor to receive what you dish out.

Why was 19's comment thumbed down?

Since when did grand kids get inherence from grandparents? YDI for complaining.

loooloool 13

Things could be worse do you have aids?

I can't help but feel that YDI.

Yeah I think it's a YDI too, but OP's grandpa sure knows how to hold a grudge.

TriflingAllDay 6

He is just old, and ornery.

44: I dunno, I can imagine that joking about financially benefiting from the death of someone may reopen a lot of old wounds for them. My guess is that the OP hasn't developed a reputation for sensitivity or responsibility...

79- true, OP does seem like a jerk.

You deserve this by assuming you'd inherit anything.

As well as rearing his car!

Agreed. YDI. When my grandparents passed away, I didnt expect anything, but was surprised when I got something

Redoxx_fml 22

Six years ago? I think it's time for reconciliation. Which they both just made even more difficult. Yeah YDI

The OP did say that he was joking.

Jeffers123 5

U do realize the only reason u have over a 100 thumbs is cause your good looking right?

mhopper 13

You should ask for his car then

He doesn't even deserve that.

mhopper 13

No one really "deserves" anything in a will.

gage27 5

Doesn't it just suck when life hits you in the rear?

Nobody's a virgin. Life fucks us all. HARD.

At least it's better than being fucked slowly and softly to Justin Bieber.

^First time wasn't everything you'd imagined?

I hope OP has plenty of siblings who aren't complete tools, just to remind him when they're all minted.

Yeah OP don't assume you'll get anything. Especially since you hurt his wheels. I'd be not so forgiving either if I was him.

FMLshark 12

I tried to think of ways you didn't deserve this. I failed. You're an idiot by making a joke that made you look like a complete tool.

Nymphetamatrix 19

Way to be a total douchebag to your grandfather. Him passing away when all you're caring about is money is no funny joke. YDI.

Yeah. If he treated me like that I wouldn't give him anything either. YDI OP. :/

72. First comment that I've seen by you without a ton a dislikes

#111, you keep track of how many thumbs up or thumbs down someone receives??? Stalker!

#111, why would you keep track of how many thumbs up or down someone gets? Are you an FML stalker? LOL and a cheezbugah

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Maybe you could have repaired the damage done to the car and he would've forgiven you. YDI.

YDI. Only because is plain rude to make such a comment and yes even if it's just a joke.