By Anonymous - 11/05/2013 21:58 - United States - Reno

Today, my grandpa moved into the house to live with my family. Along with having to share a room with him, he swears that having the AC on will give him pneumonia, and he keeps saying he's "freezing" when the temperature inside gets below 85. We live in Nevada. FML
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you should sleep in a pillow fort

That's not how families work. Discussion, reason, and compromises are all myths.


you should sleep in a pillow fort

therealafroninga 10

Or an igloo

Or, simply freeze your pilllows. Instant igloo pillow fort.

At least you have a grandpa. And you're complaining about him? You should be never be hot seeing that your heart is so cold

narkill 13

Well, it seems like it's time to (re)negotiate the terms of him living with YOU. Not the other way around.

That's not how families work. Discussion, reason, and compromises are all myths.

maybe OPs grandpa moved to Nevada from Hawaii. Itd make sense to me because we only have a 10 degree change tolerance. For me , I start shivering by the time it's 70 degrees. The coldest it ever gets here is about 55 degrees, the warmest would be 90 degrees. But you need to take into account the humidity here, it makes everywhere here seem warmer than the temperature. I mean I visited Las vegas once, and I loved the 100 degree weather because it felt like 80 degree weather in Hawaii.

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Damn it grandpa! Your life is going to get real hot, I imagine. And not in the good way

ltaper11 20

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death in old people. Doesn't have to be cold

Please tell me more, doc.

ltaper11 20

Inflammation of the lung from bacteria or viruses, and emt. - future doc

Thank you. -future patient

Pneumonia is treatable with antibiotics, back in the day it was a death sentence. But nowadays most people, even elderly tend to survive.

My grandpa does that too. Just keep switching the ac on he'll get used to it.

I don't know why but this comment made me lol

Don't let him dictate how things work in your own room. Just because he's older, doesn't mean he should be able to make you live how he wants. It was your room long before it was his.

There is also such a thing as being understanding and respecting your elders. A better solution would be to talk in a reasonable manner to the grandfather and reach a compromise.

You speak as though I'm suggesting establishment of dictator-like control. All I mean is that OP should have more say in their own room than the person that just moved in.

Ok, forget the dictator thing. Maybe that's a bad comparison. But you have to admit, I have a point.

#30 yes and no, you should also be willing to accommodate your guest, and being that he's also your elder, you shouldn't make such a fuss. It'd be annoying for OP yes, but having consideration is part of having respect for others.

andrealovvve 17

I also live in Nevada and one time our AC broke so I kno how u feel! Sucks :(

I dont how that state ia, but being in Miami with no AC is horrible... My house gets so stuffy that the hot, humid air outside is a better alternative... And humidity triggers my asthma so that just shows how much I hate being in my house in that situation

andrealovvve 17

Who cares about spelling that much on this site? I'm not writing a term paper here.

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Spelling is everything on FML.

andrealovvve 17

Well sucks for u people. I'm still gonna write the way I do cuz the English language has so many unnecessary letters in it so for the internet I say doesn't matter.

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If you don't like it, learn a new language.

Unnecessary letters.. HAHAHA.

Maybe he is just joking.

Start sleeping naked.