By Anonymous - 15/06/2009 04:48 - Australia

Today, my grandpa died. I decided to call my grandma to make sure she was going to be fine. After talking over the phone for 30 minutes or so, I told her goodbye and said, out of habit: "Say hi to grandpa for me". FML
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That's like you saying "Your Next"

You should have added "In your prayers i mean" then it wouldn't be an fml.


if anything, its a FHL as she doesn't remember him being dead kinda sad actually...


Read it again please :)

auctally ur 106th. responding to 1 doesnt make u 2nd

Might wanna read the FML again, buddy.

That's like you saying "Your Next"

exactly what it is!

It does but it's a habit it come out when you don't think about it

You should have added "In your prayers i mean" then it wouldn't be an fml.

That would have been a nice save

Guess who is not going to be in the will! #1 try read again!

This is sad. You said it out of habit, not to hurt anyone. I've said similar things like this when someone passed away which was completely accidental. It's awful.

I work at a casino and I was volunteering at the company's summer picnic. I handed a guy a hotdog and out of habit I said good luck. sometimes habits get in the way.

Eh, it's actually a pretty common mistake. You are just so used to saying it, that it comes out without even thinking about it. I would just let it go... Trying to apologize and explain would probably be worse - it will just really drive home the point even more that he is no longer around.

This is terrible D: She knows you said that on accident though, don't worry. I'll click FYL because your grandpa died though.

Ooooooh. That's effed up, I hope she understands it was habitual. Maybe say "In your prayers"?

Aw, : ( I feel bad for you. I hope everyone's fine.