By Anonymous - United States - Monterey
Today, my grandmother made a rule that every time we take a crap, she has to examine the turds to make sure they aren't big enough to clog up the pipes. I don't know what's worse: that she looks at my turds, or the fact that she actively comments on them. FML
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  KiddoKS  |  19

You just need to buy the "double impact" drain clogger. If you do, two hot plumbers come over to clear the drain for free. Don't you watch tv?!


*shoots with tranquilizer (because murder is wrong, kids) and leaves body in lewd position for everyone to see.

*surround myself with an impenetrable force field in case someone tried something.

  deepunder  |  17

Grandma:They're looked big today. Better throw'em at those trespassers!
Op:but those are my friends!
*action ensues
Grandma: want to play cards?
Op:Not like I got friends to talk to...

  KiddoKS  |  19

Exactly what determines too big? Is it total volume or the sizes of individual pieces? Does density matter ( sinkers vs floaters)? I'm really curious about her formula :)