By kdgirl - 21/09/2010 03:02 - United States

Today, my Grandmother gave me rosary beads for my birthday. She told me I better start praying for a husband. FML
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grandma humor, never gets old :P

I think I would have said, "Don't worry. My boyfriend promised to leave his wife, stop selling drugs, and then marry me."


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third omg so close

grandma humor, never gets old :P

ok i know im gonna get screamed at...butwhat are rosary beads? :/ (please dont yell)

gotta love grandmas and their craziness

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 win

grannies are so much fun lol

lmao old people crack me up

grandmothers crack me up they're hilarious

How mean :O

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Or give her a Red Bull and tell her to start flying! Oh. Wait..