By Anonymous - 20/09/2009 05:18 - United States

Today, my grandma wasn't feeling well, so I went to her house to check on her. After about 20 mins, I knew she was feeling better when she looked at me and said "So do you have a boyfriend yet? I pray everynight that I get to live long enough to see you with a boyfriend." FML
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My grandmother does the same thing... I'm tempted next time to ask her "You don't remember the wedding??"

she just wants to live forever...


I'm so happy to be an idiot!!!!

For those that thumbed me down r gay forever

So it's been done ur legally a queerosexual

And proud of it!

Forgot to take your meds again, Kenpachi?

there r hackers and identity thefy ppl on this site becareful

and psycho too

you are soooooooooo damn ugly @first comment

rude much? u dont just call ppl ugly like that. And you shoulda known better OP.

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I love you

I hate that I love you ?

Ohh that sucks :/ haha this is where you come out of the closet...:D also: 'When she said?' Huh?

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ouch. don't let it pressure you!

she just wants to live forever...

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hahahahahaha this made me laugh more than the fml.

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Why don't you get a guy friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for grandma's sake? It'll make her happy, and she probably doesn't have much time left.

My grandmother does the same thing... I'm tempted next time to ask her "You don't remember the wedding??"

hahaha #12 that's awesome! u totally should say that!! I think it's sweet though! she wants to see you happy, so please try harder for her sake! I think it woul be sad if she never saw you with a bf

You grandma is probably nearing death anyway, shes probably very old and your probably young and not even worried about that sort of thing. This isn't an FML and it isn't funny, congratulations for wasting my time, cancer.

Why is this even an FML? She's just hoping she gets to see you have a boyfriend. What is so bad about that?

Oh I don't know - the feeling of inadequacy it instills in the poster maybe? The whole concept of - someone needs to pray for her so that she can find a boyfriend, cause it's assumed she can't find one otherwise? The fact that her *own* *grandmother* thinks she's so unattractive it needs divine intervention? The fact that she goes to her grandmother's house to comfort her, and has it repaid by being insulted? Seriously mate: grow some imagination.

YDI For visiting your grandma