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Today, my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer. We're very close, and I called my boyfriend, really needing some support. I'd barely told him what had happened, when he replied, "Babe, I'm in the middle of a game here. Call me later." FML
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slytherbitch 15

Normally I'd agree, it's very stupid to break up with someone so hastily. Though I'd assume when OP called, she sounded incredibly upset, which her boyfriend should have heard and thought maybe the phone call was more important than a video game.

Make love not call of duty.


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Correct. Breaking up because of one stupid, insensitive comment is the only option. Idiot.

OP should make him one

slytherbitch 15

Normally I'd agree, it's very stupid to break up with someone so hastily. Though I'd assume when OP called, she sounded incredibly upset, which her boyfriend should have heard and thought maybe the phone call was more important than a video game.

this isnt exactly a deal breaker. if, during the phone call, you didnt specify why you called he cant possibly know why. maybe he just thought you wanted to chat. but id sure let him know you were upset and talk to him about it. good luck.

Well, OP says she had just told him what was going on, out was in the middle of it. I would've broken up with him out at least beat his ass.

Maybe he was too engrossed in the game that he didn't hear what op said and thought she just wanted to chat?

So... because he is engrossed in a game, she should break up with him? That's so childish, guys... I've known some guys who can't pay attention when they are playing games. They just cannot do that and talk at the same time. Honestly, I'm a gamer, so (to me) this is the likely scenario. girls (no offense) tend to exaggerate A LOT.

This. Any girl who dates a gamer should realize that they get concentrated and don't fully focus on anything else until the game is done. Frustrating at times? Of course. But it's how they are and you have to just deal with it.

A " true gamer" is a reasonable person and knows when they should stop playing. I guess that if she was pregnant and her water broke, it'd be okay for him to keep playing instead of taking her to a hospital because he's too "engrossed in the game and she should deal with it"?

Has anyone else played a video game and the focus on that only? I zone out too and it shouldn't be a breakup point. Just talk to him about it.

Lukensz, that's an entirely different situation. If she's right beside him and obviously in labour, that's one thing. But to answer a phone call which probably started off like any normal phone conversation (and she's lucky he even answered), it's totally normal for a person to say they'll call back if they're in the middle of something. Unless she's bawling her eyes out right away then there's no real indicator of a problem.

slytherbitch 15

I am dating a "gamer", and when I called to tell him my brother died, while he was in the middle of a huge battle, he turned off the Xbox and listened to me. He could hear I was upset - he may not have heard what I was saying but he heard my tone of voice.

@102, what if the woman needed a ride to the hospital because her water broke when she wasn't right next to him? Because he's too engrossed in the game she now has to find another way there or waste the time of an ambulance to get to the hospital? Yeah, people can get really focused on a game, but it's not right to hang upon his girlfriend like that if she was upset and had already told him why. At the very least he could have asked her to hold on for a second.

You guys are all completely missing my point and way overreacting. If my brother died I'd probably be far more hysterical than a cancer diagnosis (because actual death is worse than potential death, not saying cancer isn't bad before you guys freak out on that too.), and not everybody shows as much emotion over the phone. Also, okay fine the woman's in labour and she's at somebody else's house and calls h for a ride, that's still something that the person could pick up in the first line of the phone call, which is probably a woman freaking out pretty hard. Stop overreacting, you have no idea how the conversation went with them, and to say to break up with someone over a line on a phone call is ridiculous.

but maybe he didn't realize what op was saying? she had only "barely" said what had happened when he cut her off.

How do guys like this have girlfriends an I'm still single? Wtf

pathxfinder 11

I completely agree #112 I date a gamer and go through the same problems but we both care about each other and spend time together after 5 years we are now living together everyone should seriously stop overreacting over these things he will get back to her now if he isn't going to listen and be petty about it when he does talk to her that's a different story

llamaslikesoda 21

I think we understand that. But when your girlfriend's grandmother is in the hospital dying, he needs to get off his ass and help his love. And if he didn't I'd ditch his ass and immediately break up with him.

slytherbitch 15

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one bad comment isn't worth a breakup.

It might not be the first bad comment, only OP knows. Best wishes to your grandma, OP :)

I really love hoe everyone is always saying not to jump to conclusions, blah blah, but honestly, if it's a female fml, you always tell her to "break up with his sorry ass" etc etc. This site is extremely sexist, isn't it? He's too into something to concentrate, so he asks if he can talk about it later and you say to BREAK UP with him? Sometimes you guys give golden advice, but it is not the case this time

How is he a dick? Because he was playing a game? Because he asked her to call back later? OP's boyfriend didn't know about WHY she was calling. So set that aside. It's better they talk when he's not distracted by gaming anyway. If OP's conversation went: OP oh hey babe" "call back later" OP "my grandmama's been diagnosed with lung cancer" "call back later" then yes, safe to say he is a dick. I agree YLS OP, but YDI for not saying anything, and hanging up the phone.

Twisted_Angel 17

actually "I barely told him what happened" tells me he did know. he just didn't care.

No, that can mean that she started at "I woke up today". My fiancée has a horrible habit if doing that instead of getting to the point. If I'm in the middle of a match, I'll ask her if she can wait till it's over so I can focus on her and not worry about that fact that she's going through 70 things that probably barely have to do with the main point

slytherbitch 15

I'd imagine that when OP called, she sounded at least slightly upset. I can't imagine her sounding too chipper on the phone, which he should have picked up on and thought, "Hmm, better talk to her and see what's wrong!" But you're right, it's all just assumptions. For the record, I hope he didn't hear OP was upset and it was a simple mistake.

1jordan1 11

She CLEARLY STATES that she already told him what happened when he responded to call her back. It's not like she just called to tell him about a pair of shoes she just bought and expected his full and undivided attention. She called, told him about a sick relative, and he just ignored her. Definitely break up worthy. I don't know what kind of people you've been in a relationship, but you must have been pushed around a lot an treated very poorly.

lexiieeex3 32

A speedy recovery from lung cancer...

lisamariecripe 1

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If he's going to pick a game over his girlfriend he doesn't deserve one.

I apologize, but some idiot people don't understand the concept of sarcasm.

*posts stupid comment* *get's thumbed down* "hurrdurr idiots don't understand sarcasm"

Make love not call of duty.

We know OP's boyfriend is a dick but let's not be too harsh by assuming he plays Call of Duty

Well both the op's bf and majority of call of duty players are dicks, coincidence? :p

This would be the time to leave some very passive aggressive texts

No. There is never a time for that.

I'm terribly sorry about your grandmother. Your boyfriend needs a reality check. Even though I don't know how old he is, he sounds to me like he is a self centered teenager. If he can't be there for you when you need him, he really doesn't deserve you. Best of luck with your grandmothers health.

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Because of one insensitive comment? Relationships don't work that way

1jordan1 11

You've probably never even been in a relationship based on that comment so you really wouldn't know.

Wow your boyfriend was being insensitive douche, I'm sorry about your grandma OP I pray that she beats cancers ass.

HJKM_fml 19

I'm really sorry. I recently lost my aunt to brain cancer. I hate to say it, but it's times like these when you find out who your true friends are. Unfortunately your dick of a boyfriend didn't fit the bill. Best wishes to you and your family.

This is very true, my ex was very unsympathetic when my aunt died suddenly, even though he had seen her the week before. Yet when his granddad died I was expected to do everything and beyond with not even a single thank you.

So sorry about your grandmother OP. I think your boyfriend was a little insensitive.. Make sure to let him know how you feel about how he acted, don't just hide it.