By purplefuzz - United States - Savannah
Today, my grandma posted an embarrassing childhood photo on my school's events page. I told her everyone could see it, and asked if she could take it down. She freaked and commented on it, apologizing for posting it. Now I feel guilty for embarrassing her, and it's still on the page. FML
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  TheNewGuy03  |  28

I personally think OP should just embrace it and just roll with it. We all have embarrassing childhood photos, really, and no one should be judged for something they did as a child.

(I say this because she doesn't seem to want to take it down.)

By  shuttfup  |  17

why don't you just get over it. it's not like you're the first person to have an embarrassing pic on the Internet. think of the people who's pics go viral. you could have it muuuch worse, so suck it up buttercup!