By Riley - United Kingdom
Today, my grandma got up at 6:30am, clattered about the bathroom then sang religious songs at the top of her voice for half an hour. Apparently this is her normal routine, weekends included. She is staying with us for a month. FML
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  Prolusive  |  5

If she's a good singer it would be pleasant. If not, OP can just install a hidden camera in the bathroom and record Grandmother's singing and whack it on YouTube, it would be great.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

Surely if it's the lack of sleep the OP is concerned about, she could go to bed a bit sooner? Or would be tired enough to fall back to sleep once their gran's finished singing..?
Just some thoughts.

  kristylew03  |  1

Yeah, when I was in high school my mom would blast Barry Manilow every Sunday morning around 7am. Not necessarily early (except that I had to work late Saturday nights) but I hated his music. I understand where you're coming from!

  Jonny_Trump  |  0

125: Science and religion are separate topics entirely. It's like trying to use science to argue ethics. To say one disproved the other is sheer ignorance. Furthermore, stop spreading your hate and intolerance on the Internet. It's like a cancer.

  MyNameIsBruce  |  0

^thank you

125-I didn't even tell you what I believed in. Bet you didn't realize that you intolerant little schmuck. Do I have to be a Christian to want to protect their core values?

  megastupid  |  0

125, agreed. religion is a made up filler for the unknown. since it's natural for us to be afraid of the unknown, religions were made to fill in the blanks of why we exist and how all living things appeared on earth. I think Darwin is/was a genius because there's no way a person created everything to perfectly work in cycles like it is today. evolution still occurs. disagree? we wouldn't live long enough to know ourselves. THERE IS ONLY SCIENCE