By Anonymous - 31/12/2015 06:55 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my grandma called me spoiled, materialistic, and Americanized for reminding her that she can flush the toilet after she uses it. The family now has a "three pee, one poo" minimum before we're allowed to flush. FML
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That's disgusting.

If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.


That's disgusting.

What if there are zero pees and two poos?

My family does this too... yeah, it's not fun.

I'll take that any day over the three poo one pee minimum.

It's a water saving issue. OPs location is Nevada and their water situation isn't exactly rosy out there in the desert. Although this is gross, not flushing the toilet after every use (to save water) isn't unheard of either.

I lived in Nevada for most of my life having moved like 6 months ago after graduating. It is not even an issue.

Back in those days...

Sounds shity

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Do you feel good about yourself?

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At least spell your pun correctly

go on son, nice pun

If you do the 3 pee's after the poo you could even save more water!

Found the op's grandma. .

If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

Definitely read that in Stewart's voice. Thank you, it made me smile.

So you pee three times and on the fourth time you flush and one shit so the second shit you flush? Either way thats disgusting have up to 3 wees, and up to 1 poo before you have to flush. 3 pees, 1 poo is the maximum. I probably wouldn't want to leave it that long myself but I don't think trying not to flush unless you need to is really that uncommon. Lots of people want to save water.

We have a well on our property that will go dry if we use too much water. When we don't have much rain we have to limit the amount of flushing we do. It's still gross though.

#14, I don't think that's the maximum, because in the FML it states it's a 3 pee 1 poo minimum.

Oh god. I wonder how long that toilet can go. 7 pees 2 poos?

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Imagine the smell after 3 pee's though.

It shouldn't smell unless you're dehydrated.

Any urine if let to sit gets stinky.

Remind her it's almost 2016.

Remind her it's almost 2016 and we as a species shouldn't be wasting a gallon of water everytime someone needs to pee.

And I'll remind you that hygiene is important. There's a reason you've never had diseases like cholera and typhoid fever

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sounds shitty