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Today, my grandfather kept on asking me questions about my girlfriend and was obviously proud of the things he remembered about her. The only thing he couldn't remember is that we broke up. I had to talk with him about our 'great relationship' for over an hour. FML
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By  PureGold  |  0

Ahh, that sucks! :(
You should have just told him lol...he wouldn't be mad.

But it's not as bad as when my grandfather (of blessed memory) had dementia and asked me and my cousin where his brother was.
His brother was shot and killed many years ago when the two of them were exiting the hardware store they co-owned. He died in front of my grandfather. And the thief was after whatever he'd had in his bag, which turned out to just be gym clothes. He was never caught. Little 13-year-old me had to explain all that to him...and watch his face fall as he tried to remember it. It wasn't fun :(.

  NeatNit  |  32

Agreed, kind of stupid of OP. "Hey, how's it going with, uhh, Emily?" ; "We broke up." ; "Oh. That's a shame." ; Is that so hard?

By  Phlecks  |  0

My cousin always brings up my ex girlfriend, asking how she is, pretending we're still dating...only he actually knows we broke up. He brings it up to be funny.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

#6 - Good to know?

OP: I don't know why you didn't just say you two had broken up, unless he had a memory problem or something.

My little brother used to do that about me and my ex. He couldn't remember that we broke up, and for about a two months he kept asking questions about where my ex was, why we weren't together anymore, etc., and we had to keep reminding him not to bring it up.

By  spillproof  |  0

wow #6, I was listening to soulja boy crank that after reading the previous FML and right as the chorus started playing I read your comment. Thanks for the laugh, I won't report abuse.