By gleefan116 - 28/08/2010 00:18 - United States

Today, my girlfriend, who recently started French classes, and I were having sex. Knowing how whispering in my ear turns me on, she whispered something in French, and I came. Later I found out it meant something like, "You should lose a lot of weight." FML
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Did it still turn you on?

Your name is "gleefan" and you have a girlfriend?


Did it still turn you on?

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She recently started having French classes, meaning she isn't an expert. Perhaps she meant something else but it came out wrong.

Seems like a pretty straight forward statement, and I doubt you can *accidentally* say that lol.

#1 this fml turned me me on.  to the fact that fml can have dramatic stuff in it.

agreed with #6. she shouldn't be able to say that if she just started. you sure it wasn't something like, "je voudrais mange un pizza"?

This isn't an FML for two simple reasons: 1) You have a girlfriend, despite your weight 2) Said girlfriend still wants to dance the horizontal mambo with you So live it up, fat boy!

Oops- fat girl, I should say. This FML just got hotter...

OP is a chick right? That just turned me on.

Depends in how long she have studdied french, because they r a lots of differences between "je voudrais manger une pizza" and "tu devrais perdre du poids"

maybe she meant to say something like, "you have a fat dick"?

38... oh shit dam gays messing with my comments :(

@39 *steps out of the way for inevitable headshot*

well, obviously, since at the time he came.

At least she didn't say hamburger like in that other fml... :)

YDI for not making me a sammich

megamandude455 10

is the op a lesbian? HOTT!!!!!!

megamandude455 10

38, I believe shemales are chicks with dicks

and u came to that...

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she shouldve said 'hamburger' (:

Lots of people get off on being humiliated. You're 1 of them. So what?

hamburger lol.

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Wasn't there another "whispering turns me on" girl here? They should get together...

can i just point out that this FML was written by Gleegan116 and that he's a girl? I call on fake.

it's actually gleeFan not gleegan... perfectly reasonable name for a girl..

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#6 is sexy =]

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this FML says "my girlfriend" but then it says that the op was a girl. what's up with that?

It means she's a lesbian. Your thinking process. What's up with that?

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Uhh 44, I'm pretty sure girls can come...

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I think u need to study english. u said studdied along with many other grammar mistakes

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# 45 You made me laugh so hard, I read that one too. And who says girls can't cum huh? Yes she is a girl and yes she can cum if she is turned on enough.

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any one else fine it extremely erotic that it's two chick doing it? even if one of them is a BBw. still pretty hot

TheGalwaySpirit 20

OP is a girl

lol epic you got owned but it's still kinda sad

AGREE. It's funny though, thanks for making me lol...

b I t c h! you should learn another language and tell her something that she won't understand either (; she how she likes it,, XD

Your name is "gleefan" and you have a girlfriend?

The OP is a lesbian, her name says she's a woman.

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i would date a guy who likes glee. that would turn me on.

ImmortalKratos 0

unfortunately a guy who likes glee wouldn't date you cuz he'd be gay

the post said that she came. How!?!?

114-you must be new to the subject of sex

I thought Glee was like a super gay show? Wouldn't that make sense...? Is OP a guy? I didn't get that impression...

hahahahahahaha ydi for not checking google translator first

oh wait whoops i didnt notice shes the one that sed it so fyl

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what girl would say she came? why didn't she say she had an orgassim?

#77... a lot of girls say that?

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lol epic

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well either you should lose some weight or she meant to say something else but IRS most likely the second one.

I know IRS not even that big a deal anyway.

Schizomaniac 24

19, why do you have a picture of someone who isn't you posted?

sourgirl101 28

Maybe he's the photographer and he's showing off his work. (:

Schizomaniac 24

I highly doubt that. But it's a possibility. :/

19, you tottaly showed up all the asshats with their abbs as their photos

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leave the girl alone she obviously meant to type it's but missed the t and hit the r. and her phone capitalized it.

I swear this was posted before or something like it?!?