By robinhoood - 12/07/2009 05:38 - United States

Today, my girlfriend, who never initiates sex, pulled me into my room and onto my bed with kisses and other seductive behavior. As I'm thinking about how awesome it is that's she's doing this for once, she reaches down, grabs my underwear, and gives me the worst wedgie I've ever received. FML
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MukyDaCookie 0

That's what you get for leaving the toilet seat up

dRose22 0

just pulled the underwear in the wrong direction :D


CryingHowls 0

ouch at least she's trying...

I would dump her ass. I

SiCMgt4SlipKnoT 0

YDI for having a conservative girlfriend

elara15 0

There is no indication the OP's girlfriend is frigid or prudish or otherwise sexually conservative. Notice it was only the INITIATION of sex that was a surprise, not the activity itself. How is that grounds for dumping her? I was violently raped by a stranger and don't like sex, but I accomodate my boyfriend and he doesn't push me further than I'm comfortable with. Maybe this girlfriend has a similar history, or maybe she's just awkward, who knows. You both deserve to be dumped for your irrational judgment.

Why would you tell a bunch of strangers on the internet you've been "violently raped by a stranger"? Are you proud of it, trying to garner pity, or are you just completely retarded?

Kylias 6

#62, they're suggesting that the OP's girlfriend may be of a similar history. Is "violently raped" the only thing you read out of that whole paragraph?

yeah, trying to give him a wedgie! haha i love your girlfriend i'd do the same exact thing. but i do also take my turn in trying to get things going.

What's a...wedgie?

AnaMaree 0

Your mom

#62 "Why would you tell a bunch of strangers on the internet you've been "violently raped by a stranger"? Are you proud of it, trying to garner pity, or are you just completely retarded?" You feel if people are raped they should keep quiet about it. Why? Should THEY feel ashamed about it? Are you suggesting it's the victim's fault they were raped? That's assume it's you, and your dad butt rapes you every day of your past 30 years of life and shares you with 5 of his friends and whoever pays him. Should you be ashamed of it? I'm sure if you go tell authorities and seek help they'll tell you to STFU and go back to getting raped because you deserved it.

That would be funny except for the part where you're a goddamn moron. You don't go around on the internet exclaiming the horrible things that have happened to you, you can't prove it, and you just seem like a retard. Good job coming up with a failure of an example, by the way.

CryingHowls 0

the_question_mar, you're insensitive and retarded. case closed.

# 62 Because using an example makes a much better impact when you can back it up with a personal experience. Someone saying "oh, what if she had been sexually abused" isn't as credible as "oh, what if she had been sexually abused, since it's happened to me and so it is a possibility." It's their business to share, it was relevant, and they're not ashamed of something which was out of their control. That's why they told people.

elara15 0

Thank you, those who stuck up for me. I have no real problem saying such things on the internet because... it's completely anonymous. Your pity or scorn means nothing to me, in the end. You don't know me, I don't know you, we're both just cyber-strangers with our own perspectives to offer on a third party's experience.

VaultBoy101 0

its not something you go around telling people

It's a horrible sexual act. His girlfriend anally raped him.

I agree with #62 and I'll tell you why. #61 said that she "accommodates her boyfriend". That 3 word statement SCREAMS insecurity and need for either attention or acceptance. You don't have to "accommodate" anyone if you don't like sex. If you don't want to do it that should be the end of it. But no, you want your boyfriend to like you right? Cuz there is clearly no guy in the world who would understand why you don't like sex and accept it. guh, people like you are so sad. I am sorry about what happened to your. Really I am. But I hate that you feel the need to go flaunting your past on an internet forum. You're right, this is anonymous and we will almost certainly never meet. But therein lies my point. Who cares that you were raped? it's not like we can console you or anything. We're sitting at our computers perhaps thousands of miles away. There is no reason to tell us, other than for attention. And yes, I realize i'm being a bit of a hypocrite and giving you more, but I don't really care.

Honestly, thank you. In the end, all of these replies are completely irrelevant; this FML had absolutely nothing to do with his girlfriend's sexual insecurity. The entire issue was the fact she dragged his underwear into his balls and ass, which is, from personal experience, a very, very, very unpleasant thing to have done to you. So let's all just quietly enjoy the physical pain inflicted on someone else and faking empathy like normal people.

helpmeiamblind 0

OMG I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!! This is so wrong but so funny!

nikki_riot344 0

ooohhh.. tough shit man

ha ha... your gf is funny

haleyisawsomee 0

hahahaha!!! she sounds awesome!! lmao

if there's no sex then what's the point of a relationship (not kidding). and if your going to post a reply about emotions and shit don't bother. this may come as a shocker but they aren't real

Omg!!!! That was the most brutal thing I've ever heard!!!! I believe that when one goes thru a traumatic experience such as rape, 1 st stage is denial , then acceptance of what happened to you, as you go thru therapy to learn how to deal with such a HORRIBLE crime! The more you talk about it, the easier it is to deal with , so leave her alone!!! If she chooses to share that story with anyone makes her a survivor & until you've been in her shoes.... It's not up to you to judge her or how she is dealing with the worst day of her life!!!!! shut up

badluckalex 23

205- I hope you never have children... I already feel sorry for them

SturmFireforge 0

That is AWESOME. Nothing about this says FML though.

Agreed. She's a legend. And I see no FML?

DietBroccoli 0

I don't get why people bitch about "THIS ISNT FML DERRURRR" So fuckin' what, it's funny.

SturmFireforge 0

i'm clearly bitching about it dur hur you fucking nigger

gabrielbaby 9

It's not about the awesomeness. That's fucking obvious. It's an fml because he got a fucking wedgie instead of some ass.

good one,MELVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haaaa that's hilarious

Shiekian 0

lol ouch... you gotta love her!

robinhoood 0

Haha. I do ^.^ She's great. Our daily routine usually consists of us thinking up clever ways to be mean to each other. The rewards for a successfully executed prank are always either incredibly AWESOME, or horrifyingly TERRIBLE (I.E. Wedgie).

Heh, my partner and I have a similar relationship. Mind if I borrow this prank today? XD

PWNED; your lucky she does this out of love. or else shes out to get you. count your blessings and be happy. -- theres no FML here, but its good to see something like this on FML every now and then.

dRose22 0

just pulled the underwear in the wrong direction :D

hahah maybe she was confused lol

MukyDaCookie 0

That's what you get for leaving the toilet seat up

Hahahaha! :D FYL indeed!

gawd she sounds AWESOME... wish mine was like that...

cuterthanuthink 0

I'm sorry but this was too funny not to laugh at! xD FYL!

haha, indeed:P this is my fav. FML of today:D