By BigBadTron - United States
Today, my girlfriend was sick so I took her 5 year old daughter out to eat. Half-way through our "date" she asks me loudly "Can we go back to the car now and take our clothes off?" Apparently she meant her toy dog's clothes. Face burning, we left a half laughing/half glaring crowd behind. FML
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By  stfuminjakid  |  0

Awe. Kids say the funniest things, like my 6 year old niece has words she can't say properly. For instance instead of saying directions she says erections lmao they honestly don't know what their really saying til their older.

  Coolguyt2  |  0

Ok first of all, anything posted on here is an FML. secondly, he took his girlfriend's DAUGHTER out to eat. Don't post any more criticizing comments until you learn how to read