By BigBadTron - 15/05/2009 17:10 - United States

Today, my girlfriend was sick so I took her 5 year old daughter out to eat. Half-way through our "date" she asks me loudly "Can we go back to the car now and take our clothes off?" Apparently she meant her toy dog's clothes. Face burning, we left a half laughing/half glaring crowd behind. FML
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SP63_fml 0

Ouch man. Thank god people were just glaring and laughing.

Awe. Kids say the funniest things, like my 6 year old niece has words she can't say properly. For instance instead of saying directions she says erections lmao they honestly don't know what their really saying til their older.


christa953 12

so what you do not even know those people. public embarassment brings pleasure to strangers

LOL! That suxx =P And what's with the "first"...who cares..

SP63_fml 0

Ouch man. Thank god people were just glaring and laughing.

You know you've got a really tiny dick and very few friends when you get off on being the OMGFIRSTOMG person to post a comment on some random FML.

xrayrayx 0

hahahhahahhah FYL !

wake_junkie 0

lol this made my day :)

legit_tofit 0

First of all, that's not an FML. Second, why would you take someone to dinner if they were sick? Shouldn't they be in bed?

dont' think you read that right...he took her 5YO DAUGHTER out to eat, not his girlfriend...

doglover339 4

he took his sick girl friends daughter!!! read the story right b4 u post dumb comments

Ok first of all, anything posted on here is an FML. secondly, he took his girlfriend's DAUGHTER out to eat. Don't post any more criticizing comments until you learn how to read

legit tofit, you are truly an idiot. please read the post correctly before you try to ask stupid questions

take our clothes off ... referring to the dog. silly little kid xD everyone just laughed ? no one called the cops 0.o.. your lucky