By microlovin - United States - Pasadena
  Today, my girlfriend wanted to try something new in the bedroom, so she got an assortment of different sized cock rings. She laughed when the one we were trying to use kept falling off, and said to try a smaller one. It was the smallest in the set. FML
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  challan  |  19

My first thought was that they were the cock rings that go around your cock and balls that I've seen in movies. (watched purely for scientific purposes of course) I agree with P... That statement is a sign of things getting stale in the bedroom, but on a positive note, it means she loves you a lot, OP. Note to Op's girlfriend... The laughing probably didn't help the size. I can picture him shrinking with every giggle.


Honestly, my boyfriend and i have an amazing sex life without any toys or gadgets, but we still like to try out new things and play around with new toys. It is in no way a sign of our sex life getting stale. Not to say that this can't be the case here, just saying it isn't necessarily that.

By  football98_fml  |  20

time for plastic surgery??

  monnanon  |  13

i agree thqt size does matter but not in the way people think. women are all differebt sizes inside so the secret to good sex is finding someone that fits you

  littlekellilee  |  45

I totally agree with it being about finding someone that fits you. With a very tight vagina that has an easy to access g spot, size doesn't matter at all. In fact bigger is a bit harder to deal with because you have to ease into it more.

  tj5810  |  21

It's not the size of the ship or the motion of the ocean... It's whether or not the boat can stay in the port long enough for all the passengers to get off. ;)

By  buddy51  |  23

This FML seems half cocked and yet has a little ring of truth about it.

I guess you're not exactly The Lord of the Rings, OP.

Remember, it's never the size of the meat but the skill of the motion that wins the brass ring of glory!! Make do and chive on OP chive on!!!

By  ChakatBlackstar  |  29

Don't worry OP. It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it.

I know it's a cliche but it's true. If a guy with four inches knows your body, preferences, etc. better then the guy with a dick twice his size, you'll end up going with the smaller one.


Though op's problem isn't length and more a girth issue, but the point still holds. Heck I've known a guy who physically could not penetrate a girl he was so small, but didn't stop him rocking it in bed. Hands, mouth, toys, non penetrative contact... All can rock a girls world if you know what to do and her preferences. Most girls don't get off on penetration alone anyways.