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By  Nhayaa  |  21

Always build a relationship with an agreement : one night stand with a celebrity (depends on who it is though...) is not cheating. It's a one life opportunity. 🙄😎


Who said it was a celebrity? And people who have one of those pacts don't usually follow through with them, mostly because they'd never normally get the chance, but also because some people understand commitment. This girl was just a tramp, who was hopefully dumped by OP, before he burned all her stuff, and she was left riddled with STDs.

By  xxWTFxx1981  |  21

Well was he on her top 5 list? Because if that's the case those don't count lol No but on the real I hope this is a famous band and not some band that only plays at holes in the walls else that must really hurt haha

  Ella_fml  |  17

Most people don't have lists of other people they'd do if they're in an exclusive relationship. If you do, you're probably not committed to one person, and either break up or yeah, have an agreement to have an open relationship (which, it seems the OP didn't have.)