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Wow, step up your game pal. If your girlfriend is bored then there's clearly something you're not doing right. One thing sex is not is BORING.

Haha awkward... :X Sucks though, but should've tried harder.. ;)


Haha awkward... :X Sucks though, but should've tried harder.. ;)

I see what you did there

Step it up.

it's half her responsibility anyway. it's not just the guy who participates in sex. if she's bored she probably just lying there doing nothing.

yeah i hate a dead fish

fool... yea it sucks for him but Blame her for being lazy....

sucks for youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dbz reference :)

your nickname Shorty?

dayum that's harsh

6 you are cold blooded

Nail her in the ass. That'll get her attention :)

Surprise buttsecks?

Haha false and homosexual.... :3

By hat you mean ass?

Well... Don't suck. That's her job anyway (;

By rabbit you mean shit?

any1 else get boner and cream?

Come early just to piss her off

#13, if she's bored during sex, she's probably waiting for him to come. Him coming early would be a relief. The whole logic behind waiting to come is so the pleasure of the woman can continue, if she's not enjoying it, there's no point in waiting.