By unendowed / Sunday 18 March 2012 02:11 / United States - Katy
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  emilyjgraham  |  34

85, while it's true that we are subconsciously attracted to the smell of the opposite sexes sweat (let's face it, none of us openly admit or even realise it) no one likes day or two old sweat, especially down there. one can smell sweaty without having pubes!
I think op should shave! or at least trim!

  jisaac09  |  25

I vote that a "woman" with a penis is more of a turn off. If she and I were getting nasty I think I could tough it out if she was chewing gum. It would be a deal breaker if she had a wang.

  Nick_1993  |  2

Gum is gross. I agree. It makes your breath smell gross. Just brush your damn teeth and there ya go. No bad smelly mouth. You can't kiss someone with gum in there mouth and nothing is more annoying when they are constantly smacking it.