By SadIndianLife - / Sunday 15 November 2015 21:00 / India - Delhi
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  NotGabe  |  28

Arranged marriages still occur in India. OP may have a high career, and what mother doesn't want security for her daughter? Just a thought.

  chinaski7628  |  32

Unwanted sexual attention is not a compliment. It's creepy and it's uncomfortable. No one should be subjected to it. The girlfriend's mom needs to learn boundaries.

  chinaski7628  |  32

67—I, and many other commenters, took OP's meaning as the girlfriend's mom is sexually into him. If that is the case, mom does indeed need to learn boundaries. Propositioning your daughter's boyfriend is inappropriate. However, if it is a case (as some have pointed out), that the girlfriend's mom likes OP as a partner for her daughter, but the daughter's not too sure, then that is different. I am not Indian, but I am somewhat familiar with Indian culture (especially as related to marriage). That doesn't mean I think anyone should be pressured or forced into a relationship/marriage (by their parents, cultural obligations or any other person/reason). If the girlfriend is not interested in marriage or a relationship with OP, then mom needs to learn boundaries and back off. I'm not sure how believing that the people involved in the relationship make their own decisions about said relationship makes me a fucking idiot. The bigger idiocy would be calling someone names simply because they have a different point of view than you—especially when you seem to deeply misunderstand the original point.

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