By Wow. - 18/12/2013 18:23 - United States

Today, my girlfriend refused to take a picture with me to prove to my friends that I do indeed have a girlfriend. I got so desperate that I photoshopped myself into one of her Facebook photos instead. FML
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That's called stalking. Does your girlfriend know she's your girlfriend?

DeoVolente 13

You could've just said that you wanted it as a phone background. She probably would have allowed that one


That's called stalking. Does your girlfriend know she's your girlfriend?

Well that depends on if they went on a romantic walk at night but only one of them knew about it!

She just doesn't know she loves him yet, but I'm sure he'll help her figure that out soon enough.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

1 - They've been together for two years, but this is the first time OP's girlfriend has heard about it. Eventually, she'll get a restraining order on OP because he keeps being "a creep", but she'll never understand his love for her. What a tragedy. *sigh* I should really talk to the parole officer and explain my situation. He'll understand :3

jazzy_123 20

well I don't know... I met my boyfriend's best friend's mom a couple weeks ago. She loves my boyfriend and he's always at their house, and when I finally met her she said, "oh lord so it's true! you DO have a girlfriend.. it was about time!" haha she didn't believe him, it was funny.

euphoricness 28

Why does he need to prove he has a girlfriend? That insecure?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

From personal experience, 36, I know I pick on my pals that insist they do indeed have a woman, just poking fun at em til' I actually meet the poor girl who chose to date any single one of my buddies. OP probably got sick of all the constant "No girl would ever date a hairy bastard like yourself" comments, and decide to prove that even the son of Sasquatch can get a date every once in a blue moon.

#45- You seem like you need to lie down and talk about that

is this the guy from the fml above about not knowing her 'boyfriend'

Did you surprise her with flowers and chocolate?

DeoVolente 13

You could've just said that you wanted it as a phone background. She probably would have allowed that one

cheshirecat13242 32

I saw Op's phone was totally 'shopped..

30- could you tell by the pixels?

cheshirecat13242 32

31--yes sir, that's exactly how I spotted it!

RenoTheRhino 30

It's alright OP. Introduce your girlfriend to your friends so they know you're not lying.

I'ld love to hear the girlfriend's side of this story......

"Today, this weird guy I've barely known for a month asked me to take a picture with him just to prove he could get a girlfriend. FML"

Maybe she just didn't want to take a photo. It doesn't necessarily mean she is ashamed of OP.

Today, this guy I had a blind date with once came up to me claiming that I'm his girlfriend. He wanted to take a photo with me to prove it to his friends. FML

HeadlessSparrow 20

Did you try making it Facebook official? But there should be many opportunities where you can introduce her to your friends!

I wonder why she refuses to have her picture taken with you. Not a very good sign.

If OP told her that he wanted the picture just so he could show his friends she probably feels used so that he can be "cool."

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years and he refuses to take pictures all the time. He just doesn't like taking pictures and isn't a huge fan of social media in general.

I actually live with my boyfriend and have been for over a year and there isn't any photo evidence of him even existing, so no one believes me. Some people don't like photos being taken.

LeaAnne94 17

Girlfriend or girl friend? I'm thinking it's may actually be the latter.

That's either sad she didn't wanna take a picture with you, or worse that you have to prove to your friends you have a gf.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

dump that hoe hoe hoe

What did gardening tools ever do to you?

RenoTheRhino 30

13, hoes are magnificent tools. I have 7 hoes in my shed and I don't plan on dumping any of them anytime soon.

cryssycakesx3 22

gettin' down n dirty with your hoe!

Well someone wants to keep their relationship under the radar