By believe me now?? - 22/01/2016 20:55 - United Kingdom - Ilkeston

Today, my girlfriend read an FML by some guy about fight he had with his nutjob of a girlfriend. It was so bizarrely similar to a fight we had recently that she accused me of not having any balls and bitching about her to strangers. It wasn't even my story. FML
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And now she'll bitch at your for this one

You probably are better off with someone who DOESNT flip shit over an FML.


she's a little crazy

I hate people jumping to conclusions. Why don't people just ask if they are suspicious of something?

You probably are better off with someone who DOESNT flip shit over an FML.

And the "dump her" comments begin

And now she'll bitch at your for this one

thats what i thought

Unsure if that was OP's intention though, because of his username.

Yeah, this was a lose-lose move. ...or an elaborate strategy by OP to cover his tracks. hmmmm

Posting this FML probably will not make things better

I really don't get people

I have a hard time with people blaming me for stuff I didn't do. I hope do a better job of handling this then I. Good luck.

you should have showed her your fml account to prove it wasn't you

And what if the FML in question was posted by 'Anonymous'?

I hate the idea of 'here, look through my personal accounts to satisfy your made up belief of my wrongdoings'. Relationships are built on trust, if she has to go through your things to find comfort, she does not trust you.

I feel like you're intentionally trying to provoke a reaction from her now.

How? He is venting his frustration, and sharing something fucked up that happened to him whether or not it was because of this site. The site is called FML Fuck My Life, after all.

@50: Probably because of the title name he decided to use could be reason enough to assume that much...

Because after she accused him of not having the balls to say something about her to her face he resorted to bitching about her to strangers just like she recently accused him of doing. So seeing this post will just make her even more mad.

Nice tactical move OP post your side of the story on FML for her to read. hope it all works out.

Lmao I was thinking something similar...then I read his username. Hahahaha very tactical indeed. Can't wait for the follow up on this one.

why would you post this tho

to fuck his life?