By Co-B - 03/09/2009 20:59 - United States

Today, my girlfriend reached into my pocket to get my keys so she could get something out of my car. When she yanked them out, the condom that we just used flew up into the air and landed on the floor in front of her entire family. FML
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CherishFlowers 0

Eww... don't keep it in your pocket.

OH WELL... uh, at least they know you're safe!


CherishFlowers 0

Eww... don't keep it in your pocket.


Unregistered 0

Okay okay so let me get this straight a)You auctually put your condom in your pocket? really who the fuck does that b)Your pockets are SO fucking shallow that she can yank out a condom with the keys c)Your girlfriend AUCTUALLY couldnt fucking feel the condom in your pants beside the keys? (not a very valid point but still) d)Your girlfriend went into your pockets with her family in front of her which I highly doubt (from experience) girls show intimacy/touching right in front of her family e)HOW THE FUCK WOULD IT FLY OUT? your girlfriend is pretty fucking strong if she can make a condom fly in the air

psych21 0

Never keep condoms in your pocket... That's why you throw that crap away or flush it down the toilet...

youre not supposed to flush them down the toilet. they clog the pipes.

can be as big or long as some of the other things I have flushed. May take 3-4 flushes and a plunger... but it goes

NEVER flush it down the toilet........ Never!

americayay 0

love momento

Okay Unregistered needs to learn how to spell, it's "actually". And some pants have shallow pockets. But the OP deserves if for putting the used condom in by pocket.

Agreed that is weird!

HOW freakin gross! Come on now, lets say u guys did the damn thing somewhere "fun" and u thought u needed to keep it hidden. but really, u put it in your pocket!!!? a USED condom, with all of your juices on the inside and her juices on the outside, without even putting it in a napkin or something? See, that is just nasty. next time dispose of that promptly. I hope u didnt have any cum stains seeping through your pants.

Come on guys, give him a break, he was just saving it for later. Now THAT'S what I call recycling!

#185, exactly man thats gross to put in your pocket

You should had accused her of being a cheating whore and stormed out. Would have been priceless!

If they didn't want her family seeing it in the garbage it kinda makes sense...

lab2lb 0

got rubbers?

Imawhalerider 0

Time to bounce!

Did the cum hit her parents? ;)

infidelboy 0

if it was in his pocket, it was probably tied, although you never know about someone who keeps used condoms in his pocket...

aaaaa12345_fml 0

lol i really hope it got on them

even if it's tied, what did he do, wash the exterior? not only guys secrete liquids, lol technically its all gross outside and inside...

hahaaa I love it. Totally true!

OH WELL... uh, at least they know you're safe!

the_coon_fml 0

ouch. y would your used condom be in your pocket?

More then likely to make sure the parents don't find it in their garbage or something.

Why keep a used one in your pocket?

IOwnedYou 0

YDI for not throwing it out.. You like to keep come in your pocket?

Did cum get everywhere???

why did u keep it in ur pckt? ew

YDI for not throwing it out, you sicko. why would you put it in your pocket?!