By HellaBomber91 - United States
Today, my girlfriend of two months broke up with me because she said I remind her too much of her first boyfriend and it creeps her out. I've checked with all of her friends and family. I am her first boyfriend. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

There's something not quite right with that girl, OP. I'd say you just let it go and be glad you got out of that inevitable train wreck with all of your extremeties.

By  thatsfunny8  |  0

you're probably better off without her then. it's kind of sad/worrying though...I wonder if there's something wrong with her? :/ more likely though she just couldn't think of any other excuse..sorry OP.

By  sportsnut  |  0

i think its a good thing she got away from you... i wouldn't want to date someone who goes around asking everyone i know about my past relationship status. so if you would, please go thank her for me

  maplebaby  |  0

Totally agree! What kind of freak are you, to check with 'all her friends and family'? You deserve to be dumped, it's frankly none of your business, and have you ever considered that maybe she was just letting you down easy, so she didn't just have to say 'you're a creepy stalker freak'? YDI.

  sarcdude  |  3

well I could see if he asked every single last family member and friend, which is possible, which would be stalking. The other possibility is that he meant that he asked her immediate family and her best friends, which isn't anywhere near that bad. At any rate he's the real victim here, he got dumped :/

  crzyry  |  6

I agree getting dumped sucks but if he did ask everyone he needs help. Also, I don't think that after a 2 month relationship he is that heartbroken. jmo

  wh4t3v3R  |  0

Not heartbroken after 2months? The shorter the time, the better the "The One that Got Away" story to accompany it and therefore the bigger the heartbreak.