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Today, my girlfriend of three years broke up with me because I'm in the military and I'm gone too much. The reason I enlisted in the first place is because we agreed that the money and benefits I would earn would help us be able to start a family in the future. FML
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She's not worth it.

Well....think of it this way--more money and more benefits for you!


First! btw, YLS

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How come all the "military" FMLs consists of the OPs significant other cheating on him/her? Does everyone who enlists in the military get cheated/dumped?

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Their is a FML exactly like this already, fake.

It's not fake, it's just really common. I mean DUH! "I'll join the army since I have no talents but want money" It just isn't a good idea if you have loved ones...

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Are you 12 or 13 maxi ghost?

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Of course, I may be misunderstanding you. But if that was an insult to the military, remind me to castrate you then beat you to death with your own genitals later on. 'kay? ( to #64 )

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Most military people do get cheated on, I'm married to a marine and thats all I hear about, other wives cheating on their men or vise versa. Its really sad, some people can't handle the fact that thier significant other is gone alot..they should have thought about that before marrying someone in the military.

Actually if you go to a Military base while the soldiers are deployed, go to the native town's bars right outside the base and a lot of their wives/girlfriends will be there drinkin' and flirting up a storm. Also the pregnancy checkers sell mostly when the soldiers are soon to return from the 1 year deployment. So yes a lot of enlisted are cheated on.

She's not worth it.

You're much better off man. No worries.

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Yeah, don't worry, OP, you'll find someone who appreciates you :)

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That's harsh. You're better off without her!

Well....think of it this way--more money and more benefits for you!

I'm sorry. What a bitch. :(

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1. Find a better looking girl. 2. Start a relationship with her. 3. Show her off to your ex.

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My boyfriend of thre years just broke up with me, because he's gone to uni and is away too much, despite telling me he was going to uni for our future. I'm in a similar situation. It really hurts, but it's ok, because it will get easier for you, it'll just take some time. Just stay positive, and moving on won't be so hard onc you get your head around it :)

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure it doesn't feel too good right now, but I have a feeling that you are not going to be alone for long. You have a lot going for you -- you are pretty, funny, smart and sweet and I am sure something great is right around the corner for you.

Flirting with other FMLers? Tsk tsk. Intoxicunt won't be too happy about that.

When it's Laura, it's fine. We can all enjoy a nice threesome.

If Toxi is going to be the dictator of a nice club *cough*, then she needs to have members, even if the figurehead of the club has to do some recruiting himself.

hey now! threesome? what about little ol' pixie? =(

Foursome it is!

Let's do it!!!! I'm getting the lips warming up for kissin', the arms stretched out for huggin' and well, lookee there! He's is always ready for a party and bringing his two friends with him.

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Waking up to cuddles in bed is NOTHING in comparison to waking up, going on FML and finding that you've been added into a foursome. Excellent :)

And then, Laura, after waking up from a night of sweet, orgiastic love, we all get up and make comments on the FML's that got posed overnight. Maybe the OP's girlfriend can join our "army" and make a fivesome. (That's just a bone for the RP's. The Relevance Police are trolling heavily right now.)

Private Partz, meet Major Wood.

I'm glad to know I'm not invited. -Is broken hearted-

Don't be sad, RGB, your invitation is perpetual and ongoing. We'll always have room for you. ;) I don't think the OP is going to tell his ex about our "army" so you can fill her slot.

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Not everyone is cut out for a long distance relationship. You had to have recognized that possibility, especially if you had never been apart for such long times before. Sucks that your plans fell through though.

She made you join the military just to see how pussy-whipped you are. She pwned your ass.

Exactly what I thought. You thought she really knew what she wanted? Fail man.