By Crud - United States
Today, my girlfriend of six months dumped me over the phone. I'm in the military and recently had to move away to another fort. We'd agreed that we would try to make long distance work. I'd even offered to buy a plane ticket to come see her each weekend. I've been gone less than two weeks. FML
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  zzyber  |  4 there's no way you could have lived up to the plane ticket every weekend...if she was worth it she would have tried instead of bailing immediately...

  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

You couldn't see her every weekend unless you wanted to be UA. You would need a hotel or to live off post for her to "legally" see you... That being said... Suck it up, pussy. My ex-wife cheated on me and got knocked up during my deployment, and I found out after being in the hospital after getting wounded. It could always be worse. You know what I did? Put her naked picture on the "Hall Of Whores".. Try that.

  cjammer  |  0

#77, Of course she's not worth it. Why stay in a relationship where you have to doubt and question what's going on at home behind your back while you're away at war? it's not necessarily that she's a "bad person", some people are just not cut out to be in a relationship with a military soldier. It's a hard position to be in, but what people don't realize is it's also VERY rewarding. So if this girl can't handle it, better to end it now than wait till a point in time where it's not as easy to say "Sweet, have a nice life". Like marriage.

And just what in the hell do Americans and our "support the troops" "bullshit" have ANYTHING to do with a girl not being cut out for the military lifestyle? This could just as well be someone's life story, someone in YOUR country's army, someone that YOU know. Have a fucking heart.

  cjammer  |  0

#82, I wrote a reply that WAS posted as of last night, but FML has decided to make more than half of the comments on this particular post disappear.

Therefore, I'll keep it short and sweet. If it comes back, so be it, if not, here's a summary of what I said and/or implied: You're very dense, clearly someone who doesn't understand the usage of synonymous terms, relevancy or moral support. Your logic is disoriented and you're missing this awesome new collaborative effort between two concepts, called "COMMON SENSE" and "PUTTING TWO AND TWO TOGETHER". I imagine if you can't comprehend why Americans support their soldiers, you don't support your own. I feel bad for your soldiers; they deserve more gratefulness than you're clearly willing to offer.

"If you can't stand behind your soldiers, feel free to stand in front of them." HUAA!

  logogo85  |  0

hey fuck u
i am sic of hearing u lesser countries bs
u are all jealous that u don't get to live here and we still always hav to get every other countries shit together if I had my way we ally with Russia and china and kick the living hell out of all of y'all

  _nihil_91  |  0

Aye, fuck you # 77. I bet you don't have a clue what its like to serve in ANY form of military. And, she is a bad person for bailing. After agreeing to make it work, you don't just bail. She should have thought about that before he moved away. You are a bitch ass mother fucking cock taking fuck face.

  AF_wife  |  3

She has to be willing to go through you being away. It's not an easy thing to do by any means but it's just something you do for the person you love. Let her go find someone willing to fight for you!

By  toeknee33  |  0

she was just waiting for you to leave and that was her excuse for leaving you. girls these days are even worse than guys!!! then they complain about guys being jerks when they're the ones who change us!!

By  watyawant  |  0

heyy toeknee33 get ur facts right mate, u wonder why girls call u a jerk... well im sure she had her reasons. everyone says they will work through these things but situations such as long distance relationships they cant handle it at all. but if there was sum1 on the side then shes not even worth 2 b thought bout. you'll find sum1 better hun