By Anonymous - 24/02/2010 15:29 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend of 3 years left me for a guy whose favorite color is camouflage. FML
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is that the Only reason?

Probably not. His favorite instrument is probably the radio.


is that the Only reason?

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yeah, there must be more to this story??

Probably not. His favorite instrument is probably the radio.

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good taste

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OP never said that was the reason...are you all retarded? he's just stating the fact that she left him for some idiot who thinks camo is the best color.

She just wants a guy with a huge "truck". Your dinky little subcompact just wasn't doing it for her :D

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wow ydi for having an idiotic ex

camo IS the best colour

thank u Andrew!!! everyone on here is sooo dumb.

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haha! 18 = WIN! ^_^

Eat my cockmeat sandwich snickernoodles

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He also goes commando just like your ex

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what's wrong with camo? the OP's favorite color is probably like pink

Let her go. It sounds like he could kick your ass.

oh yeah you have a subcompact that's good reason, and I'm not talking about your car :)

hehehe sorry but thats kinda funny in a sad kinda way

Maybe Mayonnaise is his favorite instrument. And no, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

Whats wrong with camouflage?

Camouflage? She obviously left you for a NINJA!

lol i agree with 154

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YDI because your favorite color isn't camoflauge

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18 ftw. woot.

no, Patrick. Mayonaise is not an instrument. neither is horse radish.

ur just jealous cuz u dont have a penis

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103... really? someone still in the closet?

wat can you say to that. ladies love army men and country boys!

you destroyed fliptacos comment mayonaise lover

this is so random n I'm pretty sure ur not telling the whole story. why did she leave you. really?

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Get R Dun!!

Dude, you got dumped for a guy who doesen't understand the concept of colors in relation to patterns. And he's obviously a war supporting Super-Republican type guy. No offense to serious conservatives, but enough with the, "I love war! Abortions SUCK! let's go shoot some gay deer!" Attitude.

@210 It isn't like this is some sort of comment war, I made a joke then he made a joke. It's more collaborative than anything :) Btw, do instruments of torture count?

@ 103: Nothing is wrong with camo, but it can't be someones favorite color because it is several colors in a pattern. Saying camo is my favorite color is like saying your favorite state is the east coast.

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his other fave colour must be ginger. hahaha

that was my favorite when I was 8 !

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haha 267: "numnuts" haha..

What's wrong with pink?

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Hahaha well put

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Glitters pretty

my favourite colour is striped. No I didn't spell colour wrong, I'm Canadian.

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My favourite colour is the white light spectrum.

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red neck alert

nice guy

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Why r the choices here FYL and Good job? isn't usually FYL and YDI?

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Maybe it's about more than style...or even more than looks?

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harsh that's probably not all it. maybe she was just looking for an excuse... even so.. it's still harsh.

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ur a dumb shit she didn't dump him BECAUSE the guy likes camoflauge, he's just saying the guy's a loser

The__Redneck 7

And if he thinks liking camoflauge makes you a loser, no wonder she dumped him. Boy needs to man up.

Just FYI: Camouflage isn't a color. It's a pattern.

What OP probably means is that this guy is either right-wing nutcase or an army nutcase. Your garden variety nutcases, ladies and gentlemen.

well my favorite color is floral

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mine is colgate!

My favorite color is paisley!

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mine is sugar!

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Transluscent is nice also.

mirror Color is rad!

mine is plad! (spelling?!)

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plaid :) but who really cares?

my favorite color is a teletubby vanguard shooting acid rainbows out of the Penguin's umbrella.

120 - win >.<

my favorite is polka dots

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has anyone ever gotten a really weird named crayon? i have... seaweed green and nacaroni yellow... :P

I've had a Saturn Green crayon. Last time I checked, Saturn wasn't green...

hot pink is the best color. =))

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@dfarrey wooow... whoever made those crayons isn't smart... :P

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mines red????

today my gf left me because I ind camoflauge a stupid color- FML. suck it up and ask her why. technically any color can be used as camoflauge.

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The point is camouflage isn't a color. It's a pattern., military?

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Oh snap...REDNECK!

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why r y'all all talking about your favorite colors that's not wut the fml is about! mine is turqouis :p

Camouflage isn't even a color. Your ex is missing a few screws and so is her new boyfriend. FYL

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OP never said she left BECAUSE he liked camo

Hahaha, too true. Camouflage is a number of colours. Oh well, looks like the OP got dumped for a retard. Same old story.

I love you, snickerdoodles. And nice new picture :)

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It doesn't have to be a color. Lol. The rest of use rednecks like it too. Stop hatin, Lady's Love Country Boys.

I love people that can spell

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wow, those of u who say the new BF is stupid for loving camo... ya ur idiots.

bamagirl850 7

292- He's not stupid for liking camo. He's stupid for thinking it's a color. It's not. It is a pattern.

i love camo lol