By annoyedguy - 30/06/2009 11:20 - United States

Today, my girlfriend missed our date, so I text her angry, telling her if she can't make our dates then we should break up, and generally telling her off. 5 Minutes later I get a picture message of her sleeping in a hospital bed from her mother saying "Shut the **** up, she had appendicitis." FML
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Glam_fml 0

And this is why you find out what's going on *before* you freak out.

lmmmr 0

Asshole. You didn't think to call?


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slydevil11 0

I don't see why he couldn't just ask where she was, and if she was on her way. Guys are so immature.

He couldn't have known she had appendicitis, but he didn't have to just start acting like an asshole without asking about it first. Also, if you're going to accuse someone of something and threaten to break up with them, for the love of Pete, don't do it in a text.

Who is this Pete, and why do we love him? :sarcasm:

lmmmr 0

Pete and Pete. Old school Nickolodeon FTW.

A7X5989 0

maybe she has done thins before... so he was in the right

He did say "dates". This has probably become a habit of hers. And if they're in any kind of serious relationship and no one in the family could bother letting him know until there was an opportunity to make him look like a jackass (you would think they knew their daughter had a big date coming up), then maybe there's something bigger to look into here.

go to the hospital and breaks her moms neck and rape that bitch

and women are SO much more mature

Do you always explode over such things? You should consider anger management... that behavior is not normal. That said, you should have lived up to everyone's expectations and responded to mommy with the following text message: "I am not a mind reader, how was I supposed to know? I would therefore like to cordially invite you madam, to kindly kiss my entire, big, fat, hairy, pocked-marked, pimple-studded, gerbil-infested, stench-reeking, cellulite-covered, never-wiped, stretched, red-royal ass, you useless sub-human pig of a no-good useless Bi+ch." Really. You had nothing to lose at that point.

And one more item.... If I had been your girl friend's dad, I would have responded to your text message by inviting you to the hospital because my little girl had appendicitis and was asking for you. And when you would have showed up in her hospital room, I would have "walked" you into the bathroom, and proceeded to shove my un-lubricated fist up your ass and remove YOUR appendix. And then you could testify to one and all what REAL anger looks like. No self respecting dad would allow his daughter to be treated that way, not even after she is married. You got off easy douche bag. You need to have your gonads smashed for even being retarded enough to post what a pathetic, ignorant, and callous person you are.

lolzforfun228 3

40, I hate people like you that assume person belongs to group a so they must be b. (example, john is male, so he must be immature)

ElMundio87 0

#195 lol internet white knight he sent her an angry text because she keeps missing dates, he didn't rape her...

The OP shouldn't have freaked out but he has a right to be mad if she's chronically late. If they argue about this all the time then maybe in another situation he would've been completely within his rights to threaten to break up. The OP posted no details, so we can't know. Also, even though you might be worried about your date, you don't usually think they have appendicitis and are in the hospital. I agree that the OP was a whiny bitch but honestly the girl's mom was one too. In the circumstances, it's understandable, but still incredibly rude.

Agreed with the anger management. Rofl, I wouldn't be very pleased with that text reply!

way to generalize. i see how 1 guy being a douche suddenly makes all guys immature.

Mr_FYLife 0

#195 - Wow! Angry much?

To #40: WTF are you incoherently trying to say?

Does not make any difference to me. I don't care if she is late for EVERY one of your dates. Live with it, or move on, but don't you dare get pissy, nasty, or obnoxious about it.You talk to MY daughter like that, I am going to smash your nuts. Period. I have a rope, a shovel, and five acres of densely wooded back yard. Do not mess with my daughter.

You sir are a Whore

Is it sad to agree with #254? =)

#81 lol i say the same thing wen ppl say that..

Why do you think you f$%^ing top shit

PYLrulz 17

Far Side, if your daughter was cronically late all the time, maybe you need to teach the little bitch some responsibility.

RachelTheLoser 0

I completely agree with 44. thankyuu!

bentleyGCspeed 0

Definitely agreed with 283. I would have every right to be mad if a chick was late consistently and didn't provide a reason, out of common courtesy, to explain why.

sk8rchick97 0

ur a BITCH

Why are you giving the OP so many YDI's? OP didn't know what the fuck happened, how do they deserve this?

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curryndricegirll 0

true, but you can't assume either. as we all know. when you assume...(you make an as sof u and me). which is exactly what happened to him here. there's also this thing called giving someone the benefit of the doubt. he could have asked first, "where ru?" and if she didn't text back, then send a voicemail saying, "I hope you're alright. I'm leaving the restaurant, because I don't want to wait any longer." but you don't just act like a drama queen and just tell her off for not being there on time.

If his first reaction to getting stood up by his girlfriend is "that fucking cunt ditched me" instead of "I wonder if something happened to her", he totally deserves it, whether he knew she was in the hospital or not. This right here is how you spot a self-centered asshole.

If his first reaction to getting stood up by his girlfriend is "that fucking cunt ditched me" instead of "I wonder if something happened to her", he totally deserves it, whether he knew she was in the hospital or not. This right here is how you spot a self-centered asshole.

TheUnnamedOne 0

I agree, thats exactly what I was thinking

he could of thought the negative in his mind which is definitely natural, but he shouldn't of acted on it

Yeah but holy shit she missed one date wtf is wrong with her. Rather than asking if she's okay just bitch her out.

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Volcan_fml 22

And you're incredibly obnoxious.

Glam_fml 0

And this is why you find out what's going on *before* you freak out.

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How was she going to tell him if she was in the hospital? Plus, maybe her mom didn't know of the date at all or she got it before she told her. If I was a mom and my daughter would be in the hospital, I wouldn't think at the first second ''OWAIT SHE HAS A DATE, GOTTA CALL HIM.'' I'd be more worried about my daughter than about her boyfriend. It's his own fault, he should've just called first.

rayrayy_fml 0

#104 - Let's hang out a week from Friday. And I swear to God, if you use "I just found out I have AIDS" as an excuse for not showing up, we're not friends anymore. See how ridiculous that sounds? During a health issue, the last thing on your mind isn't to make sure your bf doesn't assume you're blowing him off. Instead, if it's a loving relationship, you should probably assume he'd call, worried- Not pissed. His fault. She cannot be expected to drop her health issue just to "notify" him she can't make it. We're not all in HS, there are bigger things in life than not making it to a date.

rawr37 0

#104..she could've gotten really bad and needed to go to the hospital immediately and didnt have time to call him or just wasn't thinking about it. OP: I personally think ydi. You should have asked where she was first before you got angry and threatened her with a break up. Something else couldve happened to her or this could have been really serious.

as someone who has had appendicitis, informing your boyfriend that you can't make your date is the least on your mind. You're kinda focused on the excruciating pain resonating from your side, and trying to walk into the hospital without collapsing or throwing up out of the pain.

poison29 0

um sometimes people get rushed to the ER because they suddenly have intense stomach pains, and then they discover its appendicitis. you can't always know well in advance

lmmmr 0

Asshole. You didn't think to call?

chiodosluvr 0

oh shiiiiiiiit. >.< think before ya txt mate?

fxdxhk90 0

Half the incidents on this website could be avoided if people would just analyze their situations more carefully.

fml_buster 0

Yes, But it'll also reduce our chances of laughing our asses off at these idiots.. So keep in mind ppl, don't analyze before you do anything.

my thoughts exactly. That kind of reaction would be understandable with a flaky girlfriend. And what kind of mother takes pictures of her daughter sick and in the hospital, then sends it out to people???

I was thinking the exact same thing! Who does that? I just can't really see this happening.. It really reminds me of a cheesy movie scene or something.

nu_fml 0

Isn't that the point though? It's FML, people letting things slip the tiniest bit and all hell breaking loose :]

GreatAwakening 0

#31 -Agreed. And then, we get to comment on it down here and more hell breaks loose. Weee.

fretforyerlatte 0

well, you didn't know, but maybe you should at least wait to hear what she would have to say before freaking out on her. sometimes emergencies do come up, such as this one. YDI for flipping before giving her a chance to explain.

missmeliss0309 0

ur an ass! she misses one date and u say you should break up? are you two still together? or did she break up with you like she should have?

most any guy that threatens that is just speaking anger, name one person you know that DOESN'T ever get angry and I will suck your cock(ghandi doesn't count and the pope does get angry). besides the MOTHER should have called before BITCH!!!! :D

The mother was probably too busy being concerned about her daughter's appendicitis to be worried about her missed date. As well, getting angry and threatening to break up with someone over ONE MISSED DATE are two entirely different things. (sorry, I screwed up the posting of this slightly. It was a response to #27)

missmeliss0309 0

i'm a girl, and this is over the internet.

to #27: Actually, there are plenty of folks who have found contentment in life and have therefore learned to control their anger.

its all good, i think everyone got the jist of it. I mean its understandable about her forgetting the date, but she should have told the BF something. I know my girlfriend's parents would call me immediately if something happened to her.

exactly. the mother shouldn't have flipped out on him, either. it's her fault for not letting him know what happened. yeah, she might have been concerned about her daughter's health, but don't you think the boyfriend would be too? he deserves to know if she's in the hospital, too.

ohhhhshizzz 0

Concern and worry first, things slip peoples minds. I want to see if each of y'all who say the mother should have called him would even remember? And the text he sent, actually warrants her being a bitch. Stop taking up for this dick.

i don't think she missed only one date. it mentions how she misses dateS, enough for him to want to break up with her at least. personally i don't think he deserved it because he had probably had this problem before where he was concerned several times but each time she was just not going for some reason. he has probably taken this into account and just assumed she was doing it again. it would really be a ydi for not being perfect/not being forgiving enough/being unlucky. and if i were him the text message wouldn't really be the thing that would bother me, rather the guilt. kthxz

rttr 18

Maybe she missed earlier dates? This doesn't say if she missed more than one date.

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So OP goes off on an angry rant without bothering to figure out if the girlfriend has a good reason for missing the date, a distraught mother sees this and replies, and *she's* the rude one? Seriously? I fear for the world.

ha, world's been fucked for a lotttt longer than that. no use in fearing it now.