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  Dmars444  |  4

I would say she was most likely having sex with another person, probably a guy, while she was on the phone breaking up with you. as this would explain the grunting and maybe splashing. unless she was moving a bathtub full of water. could go either way...

  mintcar  |  9

^If you're going to comment, then you should probably understand the difference between " your" (possessive) and "you're" (contraction).

Only on FML will you see something like this.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

183 -- i think that the grammar nazis should take on a new moniker -- the grammar gru. that way, it is in keeping with the alliterative theme -- ya know, grammar gru, spelling spetsnaz, syntax syndicate, etc.

|the kid|

  Rabbitt78660  |  0

you do realize that metaphorically, u were that dump...that she strained, crapped out and flushed?! dude, she ate fiber the night b4 and set this all up! Ur Special!

  jess2gd4u  |  0

172. You are a douche. Your mistake was preventible, and you sound like even more of a douche because you had to make up an excuse. Don't blame technology for your inability. Have you not heard the term "A bad tradesman blames his tools"

  DuyLe  |  0

Sirin, parle-vous Francais? Just a quick off-topic question. I want to move to France and wonder how is it there if you don't mind answering. Merci beaucoup. :)