By yesguysgetabusedtoo - New Zealand - Papamoa
Today, my girlfriend had someone else dump me via text message. I knew it wasn't her because for once I wasn't being viciously insulted, and it wasn't written as if an illiterate baboon had taken a shit all over her keypad. I can't even feel happy about being rid of her. FML
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  Ameel_fml  |  19

I'm assuming the OP's girlfriend was fine when they first started dating, then when the relationship went downhill, that's when she started "viciously insulting" him.


Also, judging from his username, she was abusive. We know she was emotionally abusive, but she could also have been physically abusive. And abusers have a way of making their victims feel sorry for them, and that it's their own fault why they've been abused, and so they continue to stay with the abusive partner.

I'm not saying this is exactly what happened with OP, but it could possibly be something like this.

  TrueTriage  |  16

It's not so much YDI for losing them or being rid of them but a FYL for the person lacking the decency to not be able to end it themselves. Kudos too for staying loyal regardless of the bitchiness your girl friend sent your way

  DKjazz  |  20

What? WHAT?! Surely you're kidding. Even if it WAS his new girlfriend, what kind of way is that to break up with someone? "Yeah, he told me to tell you, that HE'S MINE NOW, BITCH". But add the fact that it's his mother, who willingly played the role. Ugh.

By  allie2590  |  30

Give her a piece of your mind! Take all those frustrations out on her and hopefully it'll give you some satisfaction. Don't just let someone get away with treating you like garbage. You deserve better!

  Blue_Black_fml  |  21

Or he could just text her back saying that he has been waiting for the moment her sorry ass will be out of his life, and now that the moment has finally arrived, he will be celebrating!!