By Couch Potato - 02/10/2013 23:16 - United States - Elk Grove

Today, my girlfriend got mad at me because I slept on the couch last night. She also seems to have forgotten that we had an argument last night, after which she stormed into our bedroom and locked me out. FML
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That's a pretty fucked defense mechanism.

Has anyone else ever wondered how a woman would respond to being locked out of the bedroom because a guy got mad at her for something? I'm imagining the barrage of insults he would get.


That's a pretty fucked defense mechanism.

It's also a fucking-defense system.

It's also called a "get your ass up there and help her" a while after the argument, rather than just saying f*ck it. That's why lesbian relationships are more successful than straight ones

35 wow you're retarded.

35# I've heard of multiple people who've had homosexual parents and in their account it was living hell

Maybe she hit her head on the door as she locked it.

Or maybe she just wanted to blame him.

You're tearing me apart Lisa!

Why Johnny? Why Johnny? Why? Why?

just go buy some chocolates and some flowers lol

chicks man, chicks.... we have messed up logic. Yes it's logic, but it is messed up. Good luck!

No 'we' don't. Don't group us all together because the OP's girlfriend flipped out. Most of us have perfectly fine logic.

Speak for yourself #5, when I have an argument with my boyfriend, we either hang up the phone or send the other person for a run to clear our heads so we can rationally discuss things like adults. Logic.

Has anyone else ever wondered how a woman would respond to being locked out of the bedroom because a guy got mad at her for something? I'm imagining the barrage of insults he would get.

It is always the guy sleeping on the couch isn't it? I don't think I have ever heard a story where the girl gets kicked out of the room. I would like to see it switched around for once..just to see how the girl would react. I'd imagine it would be quite funny.

I've slept on the couch after arguments. Although being my choice to do so. I find it easier to calm down in a wider space than being confined to the bedroom, plus tv's in there haha.

I used to sleep on the couch after arguing with my ex... Less drama. It'd cause more fuss if I said I was having the bed/give him something else to argue about.

I've also slept on the couch before; not because I was locked out of my own bedroom. (I would never be with someone that childish to do such a thing). But will say, I did it only because I hated to watch how-- easy it was for him to turnover and fall asleep at the drop of a hat while I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep because I was far too upset! :P

I did because he had a bad back. We were mad at each other, but I wasn't mad enough to make his back problems worse. Fortunately it didn't happen that often.

I'll tell the truth. Bitches are crazy and I feel sorry for any bloke that is silly enough to lock one out lol.

How is that even possible? Holy fuck.

Even if she remembered why would she be upset you slept on the couch? sounds like a weird reason to be mad.

Its always better to sleep with someone.

#8 it's always a good rule of thumb that if your girlfriend is made at you that you give her flowers and chocolate.

44, no it's not.

I hope the door hit her on the ass in her way in.

A gentle reminder that she was the one who locked you out may help. if not, she may not be ideal for a long term relationship...

I would think she'd have realized that when she had to unlock it to get out of the room. OP, she's either really stupid or just looking for another reason to fight. Maybe she wanted you to sleep propped against the door, pining for her. Stupidity, anger issues, or overdramatic...get out now. Run, man, run!