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Today, my girlfriend got into my Facebook and changed our relationship status to single just to see which of my friends would "like" it. After revealing to me what she did, she now says I can no longer be friends with anyone who liked it. FML
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Tell her you can be friends with who you want, I don't see why she should make the decision based on a couple of people liking a relationship status.

Sounds like someone has a slight touch of crazy....


Tell her you can be friends with who you want, I don't see why she should make the decision based on a couple of people liking a relationship status.

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Yeah. My boyfriend and I have gotten into a fair amount of disagreements over Facebook, but I have never tried to dictate who he can or can't be friends with. Thats ridiculously out of line. Get your woman under control OP.

op you need to change your status to single for yourself. I can be the jealous, paranoid type here and there, and even I think she went too far.

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and your so fat this won't ever happen to you

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41, that was absolutely uncalled for. You don't need to get personal just because you dislike someone's comment.

Sounds like she has issues and you need a new girl! Tell that bitch to kick mud

That was a real arsehole thing to say. Especially from someone with raw fish as a profile picture.

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just do the same to her. change her status to single and write "single totally dtf any1" and whoever likes it she can't new friends with anymore. case close. ....or just delete her fb and change your password

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41 I love people like you :) Bro, you can pick one of two things here: 1: Say "that was a really weird thing to do" and tell her that she cant make you do anything. 2: Say "that was a really weird thing to do. **** off"

55, dont judge ppl by their looks, dick.

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people are over reacting :P I find this amusing - you have a funny gf

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lol 55, I'd buy you another computer so you can hide behind it like the coward and butch you are :)

backhand her and inform her that her sandwich making duties are awaiting her in the kitchen

Sounds like someone has a slight touch of crazy....

women and technology are a doomed combination...unless it's kitchen aid or a blender

Oh, now darling, that's not right! Shame shame shame for such a very lame sexist joke.

Found it funny. But really, there is this fatal link between women and technology that turns the universe into a more painful place to live in.

There's a fatal link between technology and anyone who's mentally unsound. Doesn't have to be just women. I know a young darling who got disowned by her father because someone on her friendlist cussed at him on her wall. It's been months and he still refuses to speak with her, even though she had nothing to do with it.

Fuhohohoho!~ Thank you, darlings!~ But no need to put words in my mouth!~

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I agree with this. Your GF is all kinds of crazy and you need to kick her ass to the curb. Being with a jealous girl is more trouble than it's worth.

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@19 wow I'm sure it is true cuz why would u make that up but its so sad that I wish it was not true ya know, its outrageous to let facebook ruin relationships, it happens with dumb teenage high school ones but, a father and daughter one is jus awful =/

Sukismama 2

@19 wow I'm sure it is true cuz why would u make that up but its so sad that I wish it was not true ya know, its outrageous to let facebook ruin relationships, it happens with dumb teenage high school ones but, a father and daughter one is jus awful =/

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tell her to give form spring a try...I bet she'll go crazy on that outcome as well...

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agreed! ur getting alot of dislikes but there from crazy women lol

completely true and obviously chimcharwhatever numbers doesn't either because he's named after a pokemon

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Hahaha 71 wins. Bitches be crazy.

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It pains me that I have to agree with this statement lol but guys are the reason we're crazy, selfish, paranoid or bitches. period. :D

crazy bitches also like to blame men for their actions

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Something to properly does my head in is when a girl does something crazy and says "Im a girl, Im allowed act crazy." its sexist

ok people are crazy not a specific ethnic group or a particular sex all kinds of people are insane this just happened to be a women this time

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@82, that implies all girls go after guys and all guys are into women. You totally cut out the gays there. :( And that is just crazy.

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Every man it giving this a thumbs up, every women a thumbs down, so I therefore conclude, due to the 20 thumbs down, that there are more women than men reading this post.

why do guys think theyre witty and cool for being really sexist on the internet. if thats your view i dare you to speak it aloud in the real worl and see the reaction, instead of hiding behind a computer screen. girls are just as normal as men, infact there are many areas that girls are so much better at than men. dont act douchey cos you think youre witty

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only because men are stupid(:

I speak sexist in the real world. no one will do anything, and if they do they're just going to yell and scream and prove me right.

girls these days... even working together to thumb all us men down when we say they insane. that seems... crazy

I agree boys... chicks are crazy lol that's why most women say 'I'd rather hang with the boys cos women are bitches' that too is a lie! Aussie chicks are pretty awesome though... still crazy though.. 

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176 =WEIRDO. Just because your from Australia doesn't mean your cool or less crazy or anything. You just have a dumb accent that I find repulsive :D okay...have a nice day and greetings from St.Louis.

they don't think that they're 'witty and cool'. they enjoy the anonymity that cones from being on the internet.

lol, shut up, you crazy Internet chick.

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I say all chicks are crazy on a daily basis, dude xD I have yet for any of my friends (male or female) to disagree ONCE o.0 And of course there are areas that girls are better at, you guys make sammiches just perfectly ;-) (okay, when I say that to my friends i brofist the guys, and run like a scared rabbit from the girls xD)

So men can say that all women do something but the second a woman says something about men you go "not all men". Hypocritical much?

It's just Facebook. She's overreacting and she deserves it. I don't get why people even do this...

and then you say you need a new girlfriend because normal ones aren't psycho.

I'd rather not deal with the drama though.

1, People overreact too much over online relationship statuses. The internet can make people do stupid shit.

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Come on now.. it was obviously Facebook official...

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What if your mom liked it? Does that mean she can no longer be your mother?

is there an official term for this? "demothering"? |the kid|

Say you can't date anyone who hacks Facebook accounts...

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I would dump her. She sounds way too controlling. Although to be fair, anyone who would "like" a friend's new status showing that they had broken up with their significant other is kind of a douche anyway, but that should be up to you whether or not you want to keep in contact with them.

Not if he's been complaining to them about this kinda shit

Yarrachel 16

That's a good point, in this case it might make sense. I'd say in most cases it is a jerk thing to do though, as there is a chance that the person is upset, and doing something like that may just make them feel worse.

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I don't think it's messed up to like a friends relationship status. it could also be that you support them because they're your friend not just them being a douche

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so message them or call them don't click the 'omg I like this!' on a 'blahblhblah is now single' status lol

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If you are actually talk with the people on your FB on a regular basis and they are involved in your life, then there is no reason they couldn't like your single status. If the girlfriend thinks this is okay behavior she likely has done this before to him and his true friends might actually dislike her. I have had a friend who dated a real psycho who did something similar. He went on her FB page and deleted all the guys except her brothers. He even deleted a lesbian girl on there. He took down any picture where she was in a bathingsuit, shorts and dresses. He was a real tool.

Yarrachel 16

If the facebook friend knows the person well enough to know that they are not upset about the breakup that is one thing. My sister had to break up with her boyfriend because he was cheating and lying to her. It was the right thing to do, but she was still upset. Then one of her random FB friends liked the new relationship status, and she just said, "Wow, really?" and defriended them.

if his friends like the fact he's single shows they dont like her, and is all the more reason for him to break up with her

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I thought it only mattered if the guy was in love with his gf. I didn't realize his friends had to like her to. that's such immature thinking.

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You've got one lame girlfriend! You should hide your relationship status...or better yet, not give her your facebook password!