By Anonymous - 21/02/2015 14:20 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, my girlfriend got her wisdom teeth removed. I really want to help her out while she recovers, but her swollen cheeks combined with her natural buck teeth keep making me crack up every time I see her. I can't help it and I'm now in the doghouse. FML
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Try not to think about how much she resembles a squirrel

When I had my wisdom teeth out I sent pictures for people to laugh at. She sounds like she needs to lighten up


Guess all your laughter put a bad taste in her mouth. Eh? Well i tried

and failed at an attempt to be funny.

that was funny dude! lol!

Make her some soup and she'll forgive you.

If only life were that simple.

34, I just had my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago, and I can tell you, soup would probably be appreciated. Not only is it irritating to chew food with your front teeth, but it's hard to open your mouth wide enough to eat it, because of the swelling.

Try not to think about how much she resembles a squirrel

I read squirrel as squirtle. I then realized my mistake, and am now disappointed at my own nerdiness.

I see what you did there

Umm... Ya, okay. Dumb comment.

Umm... ya, I didn't really ask for your opinion.

And certainly don't crack a joke about storing your nuts in her cheeks for winter..

Learn to self control. YDI

#6 you can't control your laughter, if something is funny you are going to laugh. I think OP'S girlfriend should stop being so serious and lighten up a bit.

I can get why she is serious but laughter can't hurt her situation

Some times you just have to suck it up and keep a straight face. Girls don't like to be laughed at for any reason. Learn that lesson then live it.

Yes we do. Stop lying to people, you're not even a girl.

Sorry you're perfectly correct I'm not a girl, let me rephrase that. To be politically correct from my own experiences, some girls can be fairly sensitive to remarks or laughter at their expense when during a time when their appearance is out of the ordinary.

that can be said for anybody regardless of gender. the situation and their mood can also change their reaction as well.

For heavens sake! Grow up!

#8 pretty sure laughter is used by all ages.

Laughter AT someone's misfortune? Not appropriate...EVER.

I'm laughing at all the downvotes you've gotten

I thought the point of humor WAS to laugh at other's people's misfortunes... Can you tell us a *good* joke where something isn't unfortunate?

Laughing at someone else's misfortune is the entire basis of FML.

Chuckling at something online is one thing, laughing at your hurt girlfriend is something different. He totally deserves to be in the doghouse.

my bf laughed at me when I got my wisdom teeth removed. My mouth was so numb, I kept trying to kiss him but my lips kept parting to the sides. I didn't care that he laughed. It just made me feel better.And my cheeks were huge too! Hell, I was laughing at my own misfortune. Lighten up people, geez.

Sounds like you need to grow up. Do what grown people have been doing for years and show some self control!!

Self-control and laughter don't mix very well... You look like a choked salmon when you're trying to hold it in.

When I had my wisdom teeth out I sent pictures for people to laugh at. She sounds like she needs to lighten up

Tell her that she looks like a chipmunk that you would definitely give some nuts to. (;

Or if you want to be sweet tell her she is the cutest chipmunk you've ever seen. Hopefully she will see the humor and also think you're cute. But do this after she has taken pain killers.

Dont listen to these people, stay young, stay fun