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Today, my girlfriend freaked out on me because I answered her call on the first ring. According to her, it implies that I'm desperate, always horny, and just want her for the sex. Just last week she got pissed because I waited three rings to answer. Apparently that means I'm cheating on her. FML
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  X_Codes  |  11

I agree with 1. Don't hump and dump, just dump. If she comes begging you to go back with her, though, then make sure she knows that she's got to chill the f out.

  Link5794  |  18

187 Screw with it and be through with it.
Get what you want and walk out the front.
Get some head and leave it in bed.


I love how everyone says to just dump her. If he's at all emotionally invested in her it's not that simple. People have problems. If you expect to marry someone perfect one day you'll be waiting forever. She's probably been screwed over before, and she could easily have depression fueling this. OP should talk to her about it and help her through her issues if he cares about her. If he was just in it from the beginning for sex only then whatever, but if he has any feelings for her dumping her is definitely not the best choice.

By  lvgurlie89  |  6

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  omgcookeys  |  15

Wanting a phone to ring a specific number of rings is a bit odd. And three rings shouldn't mean hes cheating? One ring would mean that the phone was just nearby

  lvgurlie89  |  6

Hahaha. I love the fact that you were all born in the 90s and and aren't mentally developed enough to have learned to decipher when someone is being sarcastic. don't worry kids... give it a few more years and you'll catch on. [;

  Nico1929  |  5

Guys, guys, c'mon... she made a mistake but she's very mature! in fact she's more mature than most teens on things like love, sex, and murder...


By  lolyourlifesucks  |  5

Um dude, girl is crazy. Might want to dump her so that it doesn't escalate to a very very bad time! But don't worry eventually she will find a nice guy that will compliment her craziness! They will have much fun and have their own room at the mental hospital!

By  chillinAK  |  9

Wow, that's a little......crazy. Be glad she dumped you-this is the first step. Then comes the midnight tapping at windows, cut out magazine letters, stealing locks of your get the picture.