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Today, my girlfriend freaked out on me because I answered her call on the first ring. According to her, it implies that I'm desperate, always horny, and just want her for the sex. Just last week she got pissed because I waited three rings to answer. Apparently that means I'm cheating on her. FML
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Dude. I think she has trust issues

You gotta wait for that second ring brah


Dude. I think she has trust issues

Hump and dump, quick.

what does four rings mean? What if she got a busy signal, shit that would be bad. hit it and quit it.

Dude.. Gtfo of there. Some woman are really attached and flip out at the stupidest shit. It only gets worse, trust me. what does two rings mean??

No shit, Sherlock..

You may be like that, but don't include the rest of us.


1st ring: Desperate 2nd ring: Desperate AND Cheating 3rd ring: Cheating 4th ring: Ignored 5th ring: GTFO

dude fuck that shit break up with that shit bro

dude break up with her because you'll just have more problems later on. Also just so you dont get dumped first.

I agree with 1. Don't hump and dump, just dump. If she comes begging you to go back with her, though, then make sure she knows that she's got to chill the f out.

thats why u obviously answer on thr seond ring.. goshhhh

sorry man. If she's being this bitchy and annoying, she's basically asking you to dump her so she doesn't have to dump you first.

fuck it and chuck it

time to geta new girlfriend . fuckin hate sketchy people

#171 stole my phrase >:( smash it and trash it

Break up with that physco... Like now...

well obviously op the magic number is 2

That's when a bitch gotta go

Link5794 18

187 Screw with it and be through with it. Get what you want and walk out the front. Get some head and leave it in bed.

So what does a no answer mean? Hide cause she's comin at you with a knife?

One ring too quick three rings to long maybe two rings is just right. Wait are you dating goldy locks?

Two rings the charm

OP just needs to learn to answer on the second ring or drop the bitch.

I love how everyone says to just dump her. If he's at all emotionally invested in her it's not that simple. People have problems. If you expect to marry someone perfect one day you'll be waiting forever. She's probably been screwed over before, and she could easily have depression fueling this. OP should talk to her about it and help her through her issues if he cares about her. If he was just in it from the beginning for sex only then whatever, but if he has any feelings for her dumping her is definitely not the best choice.

Just dump her

I agree or just dump her

She is really insecure and immature that everything has to fit perfectly into her idea of how a relationship should go. FYL

Not only that, she's a complete psycho.

Bitches be crazy

cheers to that my friend

I suggest hit it and quit it!! She's trippin!

Dump the stupid crazy bitch

2nd chime ---> pick up?

2nd chime ---> pick up?

Bitches will be bitchin(;

Well, are you horny???

She sounds lovely.

That's an unfair question, everybody's horny.

Dont answer the damn phone!

sounds like a keeper

You gotta wait for that second ring brah

RIGHT!!!! Common sense!!

this is so immature

ring ring!!''. hello..

I agree completely. FYL, OP.

98- YOU HAVE A BAD CONNECTION. haha I loved that

Ou need to dump he ass that's just creepy and strange.

Simple math really

took the words from my brain.

you gotta tell that bitch to chill the hell out

Ring Ring MotherFucker!!

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Wanting a phone to ring a specific number of rings is a bit odd. And three rings shouldn't mean hes cheating? One ring would mean that the phone was just nearby

Unless he always had his phone with him, (ALWAYS), then yes.

It doesn't matter if that phone is mutha fuckin' super glued to his head, he doesn't have to pick it up right away.

182 u just made my dayXD

Hahaha. I love the fact that you were all born in the 90s and and aren't mentally developed enough to have learned to decipher when someone is being sarcastic. don't worry kids... give it a few more years and you'll catch on. [;

Just because someone was born in the 90's does not determine their intelligence level and ability to decipher sarcasm. idiot.

it wasn't the fact that it was sarcasm that got it voted down, it was the fact that it was poorly done.

What I am wondering is how creepy you are. Did you really check all their profiles and then make an immature comment about immaturity?? How much time do you have?

You must be his gf

has anyone heard of sarcasm.,?

Wow you must think you're soo cool

is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch??

she better be hot and you better not marry her

Haha is ur pic from degrassi?! I think I recognize it! I lobe that show haha

Isn't it from that angel movie with Ben Affleck?

It's Jay and Silent Bob for gods sake >.

Jesus, its Jay and Silent Bob not some gay show that Drake was a cripple on.

They were on Degrassi at one point, but you fail for looking at that picture and having Degrassi come to mind.

Guys, guys, c'mon... she made a mistake but she's very mature! in fact she's more mature than most teens on things like love, sex, and murder... Yeah.... P.S. WTF

holy crap. thank you for those who actually lnew this amazing movie. i was filling with rage until i saw others correcting the inexcusable error.

answer on th 2nd ring

Um dude, girl is crazy. Might want to dump her so that it doesn't escalate to a very very bad time! But don't worry eventually she will find a nice guy that will compliment her craziness! They will have much fun and have their own room at the mental hospital!

Wow, that's a little......crazy. Be glad she dumped you-this is the first step. Then comes the midnight tapping at windows, cut out magazine letters, stealing locks of your get the picture.

He never said she dumped him.

Agreed @26, although the last part of her comment may be true...

12 you forgot one more step: calling op's house and hanging up when they answer..creepy stuff 0.o

Something tells me you have first hand experience with this O.o

nicki10123 after post 114 please stop