By Acolyte of the Bacon God - United States - Fort Myers
  Today, my girlfriend finally said that she finally felt ready to have sex with me. It ended up being so terrible that I only managed to get some pleasure out of it when my mind drifted to the thought of going to Olive Garden later and eating some of their breadsticks. FML
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  benhd1  |  14

Having lived in Austria for almost a year now, I can tell you the thought of eating Olive Garden's unlimited breadsticks gives me a raging hard-on.

By  xxmollyxx  |  25

I'm noticing a lot of "finally's" in this FML. It might suggest that she's not really ready and her heart wasn't in it? I'm sure it'll get better with time though if you both stick at it.

  crammer1  |  6

I couldn't agree with you more. Nothing makes sex more awkward and unfulfilling than when one has been pressured into it. Especially when it's a first time. There's a lot of pressure on females sexually. To do it, and not to do it. Having someone you care about being all inpatient makes sex SUCK.

  DuRpY  |  5

Actually, it could stand to use more, as in:

Today, my girlfriend finally said that she finally felt ready to finally have sex with me, finally.

  DropBearMeat  |  23

>Having someone you care about being all inpatient makes sex SUCK

Indeed, being in the hospital makes sex suck. You often can't get some privacy since there's staff constantly coming in the room and walking past. Then, there's the fact that hospital beds are really uncomfortable. Sometimes the injury or illness is severe enough that sex is not possible or not desired. Inpatient treatment is the pits.

  yoursucklives  |  36

you are totally right. my boyfriend never pressured me into sex although he wanted it. and he didn't complain once in the nine months he had to wait. it that time he gained my trust, love etc. and he agrees that it was worth the waitingtime. he complains now, 4 years later, about how hard it was for him, though, but in a joking way.

  UberNova  |  18

It didn't say she was a virgin prior to this incident. Besides, communication in a relationship is best, talk to her about it, if you don't say anything she will assume nothing was bad.