By psycho ex - 03/05/2013 00:16 - Brazil

Today, my girlfriend dumped me for cheating on her. Her "proof" was an image of me making out with a girl. Pretty damning, except she loaded it up in Photoshop, where I saw the image layers she'd used to fake the whole thing. I'm not sure what the hell she was thinking either. FML
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Dodged a bullet, dude.

MeowZebraMeow 7

Obviously, she was thinking that she wants a new boyfriend.


Dodged a bullet, dude.

generalasskicker 12

Sounds like he dodged two

NickaPLZ 26

@3 haha, yeah that's what I was thinking.

Some things happen for a reason... And this seems to be a good one!

She cheat on you, and to feel less guilty, she blames you!!!!

7yzzFML 17

Yeaa woww what a freak, get out of there OP

sounds like she just wanted to dump op, but didn't want to be bad guy.

NickaPLZ 26

She was testing you.

NickaPLZ 26

I missed the edit, but I was also going to say since she's now your ex, you passed her test. Good job.

MeowZebraMeow 7

Obviously, she was thinking that she wants a new boyfriend.

Ya but no need to go and do all that two words can do the same ad that is "it's over"

Creative ways to dump someone 101. Not cool.

narkill 13

She seems pretty....fake.


^no, there must be sunglasses. Besides, the whole Caruso thing is quite old.

I sat on the sunglasses.

It sounds to me like she wanted a way to dump you while being able to blame you for it.

That much is obvious, and I think the reason people keep repeating this must be that they think that's what OP was confused about when he says he doesn't know what she was thinking. I think he means he doesn't know what she was thinking showing it to him on photoshop with the layer menu open and everything.

Now we know to take brains into consideration when dating someone.

Her photoshopping skills must be incredible because she seems to have worked on some shit for a long period of time just to have excuse to break up with you

You're right... She took all that time and effort into plotting this one break up when she could of just done it by simply telling OP. Also, OP must of been a really good boyfriend for her not to have a real excuse... Kudos!

baileymariee 10

It's ridiculous that she had to fake the idea that you cheated in order to have the guts to break up with you.

tell her that the girl was a way better kisser anyway.

I would love to see her reaction to that. lol