By psycho ex - Brazil
Today, my girlfriend dumped me for cheating on her. Her "proof" was an image of me making out with a girl. Pretty damning, except she loaded it up in Photoshop, where I saw the image layers she'd used to fake the whole thing. I'm not sure what the hell she was thinking either. FML
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  NickaPLZ  |  26

@3 haha, yeah that's what I was thinking.

By  NickaPLZ  |  26

She was testing you.

  NickaPLZ  |  26

I missed the edit, but I was also going to say since she's now your ex, you passed her test. Good job.

  Soloman212  |  28

That much is obvious, and I think the reason people keep repeating this must be that they think that's what OP was confused about when he says he doesn't know what she was thinking. I think he means he doesn't know what she was thinking showing it to him on photoshop with the layer menu open and everything.

  SWhimsynBubbaS  |  14

You're right... She took all that time and effort into plotting this one break up when she could of just done it by simply telling OP. Also, OP must of been a really good boyfriend for her not to have a real excuse... Kudos!