By Guy - 28/09/2015 18:49 - Romania - Bucharest

Today, my girlfriend dumped me after I told her I found out I have diabetes. She thought it was an STD and I had cheated on her. So I explained what it really was and she dumped me again because she didn't want her future children to inherit my fucked up DNA. FML
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From reading this, i can safely say you're better off without her.

The only ****** up DNA your kids would be inheriting would be from her


From reading this, i can safely say you're better off without her.

This isn't as simple as you make it out to be. She doesn't want her future kids to have diabetes which can greatly affect their lives. I'm not saying she's right, but the world isn't only rights and wrongs. She could've explained to OP why they can't date anymore, we don't know if she did.

Adoption exists, artificial insemination exists, sperm donors exist, foster kids exist. There is also such a thing as having kids and accepting them for who they are, regardless of illness or disability. Abandoning someone based on eugenicist ideals is messed up, and it's not like OP purposely got diabetes just to **** with his ex.

I have epilepsy, and part of me understands the girlfriend's logic. I don't plan on having biological children because I don't want them inheriting the same diseases I have; like every parent, I want my child to have a better life than my own. However, this is not her decision to make and she is being a closed-minded bitch about it. There are many alternative options, as 48 mentioned, and ending a relationship over this is about as cold as it gets. I'm very sorry OP.

Ya, I don't agree with what she did. But at the same time, I understand not wanting to have kids if you have a disease that can be genetically passed down to your kids. I have a disease, and although there's no evidence that it's passed on genetically, I have thought that if it was genetically passed down, I definitely wouldn't have kids. However, as others have mentioned, there are other options, and it doesn't necessarily mean the kids will have diabetes in the first place. Sounds like she was getting ready to end the relationship and just took this as a way out. If she really loved you she would've stayed.

It doesn't mean it will for certain be passed down either. My grandma had MANY conditions but so far most of them haven't turned up in her kids or theirs. You are going to have an impossible time finding someone without medical conditions or the genes for them. I understand some people see it best, and I think that's very honorable, but not everyone with a condition should be told not to have children. My family and I have depression that we have to take medications for and I've had someone(not medical professional) tell me that perhaps I shouldn't have children because of it. It felt like I should feel guilty because I wanted to birth a child(both me and my gf admitted we'd like to but we'd also like to adopt if we could)

it sounds like she was searching for reasons to break up with him. Or she is a total ******* idiot.

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she didn't know diabetes want an STD. she's not dumping op because she's worried about genetics. she's stupid. op dodged a bullet.

Dude, this is a good thing, maybe you can find an intelligent life form next to date

Will we ever find intelligent life? Could it be right here on Earth? Could it be this woman? *looks at FML* The search continues.

The most conclusive proof that intelligent life exists outside our own is the fact that they've not yet contacted us.

Let's hope so! One with better logic that Op's ex.

You can't find a cure for stupid OP, she's not someone you want to have a relationship with anyway

Actually, there is this new temporary drug that helps fix stupid. It is called NZT-48. It is pretty intense. ;)

Sweet! Where can I get it? I have a few people in mind to try it on...

The only ****** up DNA your kids would be inheriting would be from her

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She also doesn't realize that diabetes is not always genetic.

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I think burning her would be a tad bit of an overreaction. She didn't turn anyone into a newt or anything

Warhammer reference went right over her head

Clearly you don't want your future kids to have her personality. You dodged a bullet!

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Look at it this way. Your future children won't have her as their stupid mother and potentially inherit her stupidness.

Stupidity* (I'm so sorry, but this was a fantastic time to use such a beautiful word)

That was both the most idiotic and the most judge mental thing I've heard today. Sorry OP, she doesn't deserve you.

I hope you find someone better who is nicer, kinder, more understanding, and sweeter than her. Not too sweet of course because you are diabetic and all.

You deserve better! It's all her lost (: