By fresh single - United States - Pomona
Today, my girlfriend decided it was logical to accuse me of cheating because of the hundreds of emails I had from women wanting to meet up with me for sex. She had been looking in the "Spam" folder. FML
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  Marcella1016  |  31

Conversely, it could be a reaction of people who have been cheated on. Once you've been betrayed by someone you trust, I can see one being overly suspicious thereafter. So I wouldn't just make that assumption generally.

In this particular case, though, OP's girlfriend sounds like an idiot. Does she not know what spam is? Did she think her boyfriend made the folder for girls he intended to eat later? Giggity.

  liane918  |  16

There is a phrase in Spanish that says "a thief judges others because of his condition" (ladrón juzga por su condición)

meaning the thief believes everyone else is also a thief. i learned it from my dad when my mom confronted him about him cheating. didnt save him though, he actually was cheating but it stuck with me.

  Axel5238  |  29

Agreed, have an ex that were cheated on previously and were overly sensitive to the possibility of it happening again. It got to a point that she wondered why it took so long to get home from work knowing my job was almost an hour away and took every scratch and bruise as a sign of sex. I work in a deli, bumps bruises and scratches happen.

By  Enkeria  |  30

My best friend went through that with her boyfriend. Usually the ones who accuse you of cheating are cheaters themselves. Turned out that my bestie's boyfriend was cheating on her. Get out while you can OP. She clearly has trust issues.