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Today, my girlfriend dared me to put on her bra and panties and give her a lap dance. Feeling spontaneous, I decided to do it. Just as I was getting really into it, she told me I was on webcam for all her friends. Apparently it was a contest of who had their boyfriend the most whipped. She won. FML
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Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Wow.. Well, she can win the contest for sneaky bitch of the bunch.

AGhost5445 25

It's not really whipped if she dared you to do it.


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Less than 50% of your comment made sense. Congrats on stealing 1st comment from someone who would otherwise be saying something

How is this a YDI? He did a cool thing for his girlfriend and she humiliated him for it. She's a bitch, he's cool. He can give me a lap dance any day.

dude, I'm sure you've done something completely rediculous before, if you haven't, then you haven't lived!

For all you retards that think hes "cool".. Its one thing to strip and give your gf a lapdance, its another thing to cross dress cuz you think its funny

37- how are people retards for thinking he's cool? If anyone is a retard its you for being so closed minded. He was only doing it for his girlfriend because she asked him to , jeez. Clearly you dont get it

37 Did he ever say he did it to be funny? He was just trying to be spontaneous and do something for his girlfriend. Besides even if he was a cross-dresser, who cares?

There is a big difference between having no dignity and having no shame.

#37 says the guy taking pictures of himself in front of a mirror at the gym

Melsaraj - Men who are secure with their own manhood can put on women's clothing as a joke, because they know its just a joke. Insecure men can't do that, so they resort to taking pictures of themselves in the mirror at the gym. Sound like anyone you know?

37 ok first off it was a chick saying it was cool (meaning she wishes that she could get her bf to do something like that) secondly he did it because she asked him to and he was like ehh why the **** not (altho i want to know how the **** he fit into his gfs bra and panties)

Says the guy with a shirtless picture at the park...

37, I feel as though there's a double standard. It's not cool for a guy to dip into the realm of girls for his girlfriend, but its 100% sexy if a guy asks his chick to make out with another girl for him. She'd be the best GF ever. Guy does something cool for his chick, he losses his dignity. Ok. Cool.

Dors anyone else find this extremely attractive?

37- do you even lift bruh? Or just sit in front of the mirror at the gym trying to crack it with your ugly ass face

37, how are people who think that's funny or cool retards? OP was trying to be goofy and do something out of the ordinary to amuse his girlfriend. If you think about it, it was a great gesture. He was willing to do something funny for her and although she betrayed his trust and let her friends watch it, I give the guy a huge kudos for trying to be silly for her. Life's too short to be so uptight.

thank you. i hope he left her though. people who play such games with power over their SO are usually bad news :S

yeh man i was dared to faceplant an icecream cone at mc donalds, i tokk it a step further and did it while the poor girl behind the counter was still holding it.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Wow.. Well, she can win the contest for sneaky bitch of the bunch.

I read this as sneakiest bitch of the bitch. Both right though.

I think the prize would be to get her real drunk and videotape her as well.

I think, for OP, it should be EX girlfriend. She's a ******* bitch, and OP doesn't deserve that bad.

I'd be mad if I were him, yes it was meant to be funny, but she should have mentioned it to him beforehand.

randomthing 22

Aw, that was a bitch move from her side.

I agree, completely dick move. Hard to imagine the person who you're supposed to trust the most doing something like that to you..

Someone will be looking out for webcams from now on.

He should just start wearing her bra and panties around to mess with her. Make her think she turned him into a cross dresser. That would get back at her.

Daffodilly 14

"Just as I was getting really into it..." Well at least her friends didn't get to see the finale ;)

iOceanus 18

You can bet the girlfriend didn't see the finale either.

decidedlyvague 11

Eh, that's when you go down on her in front of all her friends! That'll make things awkward.

AGhost5445 25

It's not really whipped if she dared you to do it.

That's awful! You should definitely embarrass her back. Time for revenge! Mwahahaha

7- the only problem is, guys can get over it. Girls have more of a problem forgetting when they get embarrassed and there's a good chance if OP were to try to embarrass her back, he would end up single.

If she's happy to humiliate OP but would get angry when he tries a prank of his own, then he'd probably be better off anyway, 110.

Exactly. If the joke stops being funny when it's at her expense, then she shouldn't be doing it to someone else.

murphdarkly 13

Dump her, if she's that manipulative n underhanded, you don't need her. Find a girl that's open, considerate, and loving...

maybe she is. I know my girlfriend is open, considerate, and loving, but she would probably do something like this as a joke xD

honestly, it's a bitch move but it's hilarious. you shouldn't dump someone just because of a stupid dare that YOU agreed on.

He didn't agree to having it recorded and broadcasted without his consent. It's not so much of what she did, but the fact is... How can you even trust someone who does something like that again?

DarkPrincess2k12 2

I found the FML funny but then I reversed the roles and thought what if my BF does it to me. Hmm, I would consider it a solid ground for dumping him. Hey, but then I have double standards, so OP should keep her.

sxyyycheerrr444 6

I think that's a little too much to dump her over that. It's funny

Personally, I'd be really pissed off, yes he agreed to do it, however he agreed to do it in the privacy of their own sex life. Not for her to record and show her friends. Who knows, he may have thoughts that she'll do it again in the back of his head...

If OP though if was funny, it wouldn't be an FML. I wouldn't expect my boyfriend to take this sort of thing well or forgive me, because I would be livid if he did the same to me. I think OP should dump his girlfriend and find someone who will treat him with respect and dignity.

I'm usually not a big fan of the "dump him/her" comments, but this one earned the shit out of it. I would be completely expecting it to happen again. Based on the company she keeps. there's nothing to indicate that she won't surreptitiously record any of your doings and give it to the public. Who knows; there might already be a Youporn entry with you two already circulating the internet... ...Forget I said that.

Dump someone over a joke? If op feels hurt by it, the more reasonable thing to do would be to talk it out. But in all honesty, it's moments like these that bring about laughs from both sides later on down the road. Me and my husband have played jokes on each other that may seem over the line to an outsider. But we know where that line is with each other. And if one of us crosses it, we don't leave, we talk it out. Makes for a stronger relationship and a less lonely life instead of taking my ball and going home because someone did something I didn't like.

If it's kept between the two of you inside the relationship, it's fine, but the issue with this FML is that people OUTSIDE of their relationship are involved. It's more complicated.

murphdarkly 13

If a guy did this to his gf I bet a lot of these people that are saying its too harsh would instead agree...

She doesn't respect him at all. She was in a contest to see who's boyfriend is more whipped. There no respect in that. She violated his trust and his privacy. If it had happened to me I would leave in an instant. Because to me it only stands to reason that she will do something like this again, had no forethought about me, my privacy or my feelings, didn't respect me nor appreciate anything I did for her as that's what got me labeled whipped in the first place. Everybody has different values so I wouldn't say leave or stay to OP but its a valid reason to leave in my opinion. I'd never trust her again.

I agree that people on here scream "dump him/her" all the time but this would be so ******* mad. What a bitch move. Like people already said, he expected it to be a little kinky fun between the two of them and she completely betrayed this trust. A small prank might be funny but this is just too much. To me it's equal to taking pictures of his private parts and posting them on facebook or the likes... This must have been completely humiliating op, I'm so sorry :/ I sure hope you showed that bitch she can't treat you that way.

kultyre 7

Tell her friends the show isn't free and to pay up. c:

yumyumpoptart 16

looking's for free, but touchin' is gunna cost you something

Kaleigh090 11

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Kaleigh090 11

Typically, when a person chokes on something, the first thing (s)he would do is open his/her mouth to get more air. I don't think he would necessarily have to worry about losing his member to her teeth (as long as he pulls out quickly enough). Though, I agree it's a possibility. Meh, I just liked the idea of her getting punched in the throat for being a jerk.

Nah just put her on Webcam and say it's a contest to see who gives the worst head.

10- Punching someone in the throat can cause serious bodily harm, possibly even death.

Punching someone in the throat can cause going to jail for domestic violence.

10, you would make a terrible tactician. I can see it. You would also advocate sucker-punching a grizzly bear.

I would say "most fun" not " most whipped". That was a nasty trick and she doesn't deserve anyone so fun and trusting.