By Anonymous - United States - Roxboro
Today, my girlfriend cornered me and asked if I'm gay. I said no and asked why she even had any doubts. Apparently me being depressed and crying over my grandmother's death is "faggish" and means I want to have sex with men. Who knew? FML
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  OSMC  |  10

on rhe upside, he now has confirmation that he should find another, gentler and more compassionate, girl instead of a bitch that one must have been

  JustinJK  |  21

I'm so confused because I actually have emotional issues as in I have problems communicating my emotions and bottle them up and never cry. so does that mean I'm actually not gay? That I'm straight? shit.

  OSMC  |  10

nope, find some compassionate girl w/out double standards and talk to her, even if she is only a good friend, nobody honestly wants to have a *perfect* other half, too much to try and be a close second to /endrant

By  9a_1z  |  12

Your poor girlfriend has some very odd ideas about sexuality and how men function emotionally, what have they been teaching her? I hope it isn't too late for her.
I'm sorry she's making an already sad situation even worse for you.

  palosqueak  |  19

thank you for being more considerate than her and all these "dump her!" typing people. Someone with a sense for humans, finally. Live a good life, man.