By FullCircleProblem - United States - Round Rock
Today, my girlfriend came home and spontaneously wanted to have sex for the first time in about a year. I'm a recovering alcoholic, and had just came from an AA meeting. She reeked of alcohol, I couldn't get hard because of it and she got pissed at me. She says she won't be spontaneous again. FML
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  SpyroMello  |  29

Even a comment like this could make OP go into a relapse. You clearly should never be friends with a recovering person of anything, nor be a counselor for recovering people.


Agreed. I would rarely say this, but OP, you should really dump her. she obviously doesn't care about your recovery if she's still going to drink. If she really loved you, she would understand that drinking just isn't okay when your significant other is a recovering alcoholic. You could cause them to relapse.

  WhiteMagickz  |  16

She still does have a right to drink, but getting as drunk as she did and then coming to see you is completely irresponsible and inconsiderate. If not just flat out dumping her, talk to her about how what she did was wrong and let her know the problems you have with it.

By  MariaGiovanni  |  25

Sounds like she isn't very thoughtful or supportive of your recovery. Sometimes you have to let go of people when you recover from an addiction and if drinking was a big part of your relationship and/or her lifestyle then you may have to have a talk then make a decision. No one is more important than your health and sobriety. Good luck OP.

By  andrmac  |  25

So you're the recovering alcoholic and she is the current or starting alcoholic? If no then maybe she should consider brushing her teeth and showering before offering you sex. Sex is for both people to enjoy not just one.

  iwadasn  |  32

What makes you think she's an alcoholic? She came home drunk one time. If this happened a lot, I'm sure that would have been part of the post. There's plenty in between "never drinking at all" and "starting alcoholic."

By  isnobodyhere  |  32

Her lost, not yours!