By Brandon - 04/08/2009 02:36 - United States

Today, my girlfriend called me from her parents' house where she is visiting. They were BBQing outside when out of the blue her childhood friend Adam showed up at the door for the BBQ. She asked her parents why he was there, and her dad replied that he "wants her to know that she has options." FML
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Oh, that's pretty crap. And seems like the parents don't like you..

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Mean dad


Oh, that's pretty crap. And seems like the parents don't like you..

Why's this an FML? Because she has a childhood friend that likes her? Nowhere does it say she went for the other guy. The worst thing about it is that it's clear that the parents don't think highly of OP. Other than that, w/e. "Oh noes, other dudes wanna fuck my girl!?" No shit Sherlock. If your girl is half worth having, that's gonna be the case. If you keep being a whiny douchy bitch then you'll really have some FMLs to write.

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Seriously OP, if you are so threatened by the concept of competition that you post an FML about it, you are going to have far more serious issues in your life.

Its an FML because her Dad obviously dislikes him, and I don't know how it is in your family or hers, but in my family my parents opinion really matters and if my Dad doesn't like a guy then it's see you later for him. Maybe he's worryed the same will happen to him.

It’s an FML because the father dislikes him so much as to try and set up his daughter with another man. Not only that but while the OP is there. Traditionally a man always asks the parents permission before proposing to the daughter. How do you think that would go in this case…? So yes, it would seem that the OP’s life is pretty f*cked if he wants a future with this girl…

you are a losor second

not really 9th only if he gets dumped

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you should get dumped by saying you fucked your girlfriend on a public site and include your real picture on your profile. good job for bragging though girls love that. Oh and put your real hometown for stalkers and to confirm for your girlfriend. Assuming you have a 'hot' fourteen year-old gf that you had sex with. She picked a real good smart guy for a bf.

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#16 is right. You suck #9. Get off FML.

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what is a losor?

I'm 14 too....and you're an imbecile mzmartinez92 If he gets dumped that doesn't mean that he's a loser. Maybe it means his girlfriend's an ass?

Where is everyone? Anyways, yeah your life sucks.

I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE!! XD Just so much! You have made my day, sir.

hey and remember if she can do better you probably dont deserve her so deal wit hit bro!

oh no, the BBQ party was ruined because of options..

Damn those hotdogs vs sausages wars!

Sausages stand no chance especially with the alliance between hotdogs and burgers

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You don't deserve it, but your life doesn't suck either. It happens.

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You said girlfriend, not fiance or wife, so it really DOESN'T hurt her to have options.

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it hurts HIM though.

Yeah, it's just a bitchy viewpoint there. If other options is what she's worried about - why bother being in a relationship with him to start with? Not saying she herself is, just using her as a general figure for the statement...

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JUst be glad she told you. She could have never even mentioned it and let you learn by someone else.

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that had to be awkward for her... sounds like an episode of MTVs "Parental Control" lol

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Mean dad

I don't really think it's appropriate to use real names in FMLs. You could have just as easily said that "a male childhood friend" showed up. Using unnecessarily specific information, such as names, can make the FML hard to relate to. Besides, I think that FMLs should be anonymous, not an avenue for calling people out.

There is a 300 character limit, and "Adam" is a lot shorter than "male childhood friend"

Actually, no "her childhood friend Adam" is equal in length to "her male childhood friend." Read the FML.

I know this is alittle late in the game (3 years) but I didnt know.people were suppose to relate to FMLs...