By Wow - United States
Today, my girlfriend called me and told me to come to her college, so I did. I was greeted by the campus police who told me to stop harassing her because she no longer wants to be with me. Then they told me I was no longer welcome on campus and hereby banned. She used campus police to dump me. FML
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  zeeky  |  0

.. or maybe he doesn't deserve better than that piece of shit.. depends on what happened to get his girlfriend so pissed off in the first place..

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Along with the 'date people your own age' speech from your mother, it should also include topics such as 'dating someone who's responsible for their own actions' and 'being with someone who's actually able to be in a relationship'.

By  DameGreyWulf  |  0


Well her college probably sucks shit anyway, and of course BITCHBITCH goes there so why would you ever.
And at least you're rid of her. If she comes crying back, do the exact same thing... only make it worse, if you can find a way.