By Anonymous - Finland - Vammala
Today, my girlfriend called me and said she needs to take a break from our relationship. Why? Her really clingy ex is really depressed about her dating someone else and he isn't ready to accept it. So she wants to take a break "for his sake" until he's over her. FML
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By  Eliseopwns  |  22

Aw, she seems like such a sweet, caring person. (((:

  1jordan1  |  11

I think she is too. just because he's her ex doesn't mean she's supposed to not care about his feelings. it's hard to go from loving someone to not giving a shit. I get the op being angry and upset, but at the same time you have to appreciate having a girl with a big heart. especially when one day, you could be her ex who is still not over her and can't handle seeing her with someone else.


You have to be some sort of new breed of dumbass to buy that kind of shit. OP, take this opportunity to find a girl that gives a shit about YOU, not an ex boyfriend. They broke up for a reason, she should be caring for your feelings, not some depressed fuck who can't get the fuck over it. To anyone who doesn't agree, then go find a girl (or guy) who would not hesitate to break up with you for their ex's "sake". Also, I'm sure by his sake, she really means hop on his dick for a guilt free ride. /endrant

  Skoff_fml  |  27

I suspect the girl still has feelings for her ex, or is still somehow emotionally dominated by him.

While I get wanting to be nice to your exs, it's ridiculous to put your life on hold for an ex. Especially when that means putting another person on hold too. Personally, if I were the OP, I'd walk away from this. Her current partner should be more important than a previous one.

  Seabass_Chan  |  33

There's nothing wrong about being worried about an ex. HOWEVER, she should realize that breaking up with her boyfriend to spend time with him will not make this depressed guy get over her faster. If anything it could send the wrong message and make him cling to her even more.